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I concur Carlos ,Coulters obsessive love affair with fat boy excludes her from being a serious "conservative"pundit. Its time for a change of leadership in the GOP.
Kudos to Katie the rising conservative star.
Kirsten Powers? Okay she's not hard on the eyes but she did bed Wiener.
She suffered too many humiliations ? Maybe if she had been a Republican but not as a dem. What would be embarrassing to a republican is a rite of passage to a libturd like Sebelius. Oh,she will run alright and she will get lots of money for her campaign. The big question is the citizens of the good state of Kansas that stupid....again.
History always repeats.
And the American Jews nod their heads and say : See Obama does love Israel.
Who is that guy? It's been so long ago I don't even remember him.
I don't have a problem with a holiday picture of the first family eating dinner. I have a problem with him being the president. The American Jews will have to reconcile the fact that they helped him gain the POTUS twice and he is the most anti-Isreal president in history.
Lib op.....go to Huffpo
heh...sorry ,I don't trust anything the RNC/GOP does. They gave us Obama and continue to work against us.They refuse to embrace the winning influence of its younger inspiring leaders ,instead they trot out the same old cronies that got us in trouble in the first place. If we don't demand new leadership we will keep getting the same results. DEFUND THE GOP!
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