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I disagree with Sen. Rubio. I think we should wait until even the Dumbocrats figure out it's an epic fail and then tell them: "It's settled law, you can't change it." and keep throwing that back in their face until they repeal it.
I hate Obamacare BECAUSE I love America
Solution: Close your Facebook (and Twitter and other 'social Media') accounts. I've never had any and will never get one because of all the hate and filth on them.
Obama will negotiate with a Russian dictator and his Syrian puppet, chat with the Mad Mullahs in Tehran, but he won't talk with the elected represetantives of the American People? We need to show this arrogant POS that he is a President, not an Emperor. Shut down this out-of-control Government!
I eagerly look forward to voting against her.
Silly Michelle; It wasn't an jihadist attack, it was workplace violence.
If the Republicans had any intelligence they would realize that Voter ID laws are a good way to 'lock in' some of the new voters. When doing Voter Registation drives (as both parties do) ask newly registered voters in they have a Voter ID yet. If they don't, help them get one! Give them a piece of paper with a list of what is required to get a Voter ID in that state and then drive them to the DMV if necessary (or where ever) and get them their Voter ID card. Every time that voter goes to the polls in the future and pulls out his Voter ID he/she will think "The Republicans helped me get this. They care about my vote. They care about me. I'm going to vote Republican." Do this before the left figures out that instead of whining about "Granny doesn't have a Voter ID" that if they help her get one, she'll vote for them.
The 17th amendment ended Federalism as the Founders designed it. Senators long ago stopped representing the interests of their respective states and the people in them and are purely creatures of their party bosses. People long ago ceased looking at what state Senators are from, just whether they have a D or an R after their name. By the way, if state legislatures selected Senators as the Constitution used to say, the Senate would be Republican controlled today. (That would be a GOOD thing.)
As an American living in Australia, I can tell you that ASSange has very little support here in Oz. It's the usual left-wing nuts who support him. He won't get anywhere in the election (which will take place on September 7th).
"And while the 17th amendment set in motion the deterioration of private property, ...." I believe you are referring to the 16th amendment (Allowing Income Tax) not the 17th Amendment (Direct election of Senators). I personally believe that the 17th Amendment is the one that has done the most damage to our system of government, the 16th would be the second amendment I would repeal.
Who has 'the duty to retreat'? The 17-year-old young man with a packet of Skittles who believes he is being stalked? Or the armed Neighborhood Watch Captain who believes he is doing his duty and protecting his neighborhood?
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