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The first time Hillary brings up the "War on Women" in a debate, the Republican should ask her if she is going to put Bill in charge of interns if she wins.
No, they'd demand a hanging followed by impeachment!
The third point worth making is they never do it in a forum where they can be refuted of chastized for their tactics. They always do it to their lapdog media allies, never in the presence of someone who will say "That's the best you can do? You have no reasonable or logical arguments to present so you resort to childish, third grader insults and name calling and schoolyard bullying tactics? You should resign in shame."
Now that a partisan Democrat has been 'selected' to 'investigate' Bridgegate, you can bet that the 'investigation' will run through 2016 or until Christie declares that he will not run for President. Until then expect every third sentence to read "Gov. Christie, who is under Federal investigation, ...."
The latest Democrat 'victim' group: Unemployed-Americans. (Note the hyphen, you can't be a victim unless you have a hyphen in your description.)
I notice they waited until there was a Democratic Governor and government before they sued. They know that the state government will just give them what they want without a fight.
Yale University, 1968 and Harvard Business School, 1975 Of course, no one has ever seen any of Obamas school transcripts. They have been very carefully hidden.
Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple were among a handful of companies that wrote a scathing letter to government leaders demanding a return to Constitutionally protected privacy standards. I find it laughable that these companies are worried about privacy standards considering the amount of private information they are collecting on everybody all day every day. What they really want to be able to sell the information they collect to the government.
Or maybe she's mad that he's very close to a hot blonde and she (Michelle) isn't included in the selfie.
I disagree with Sen. Rubio. I think we should wait until even the Dumbocrats figure out it's an epic fail and then tell them: "It's settled law, you can't change it." and keep throwing that back in their face until they repeal it.
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