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I look forward to the day that fat hag kiddie molester Dunham doesn't make the news. Otherwise, great points as always.
*"as obozo is Christian." Oopsy
Pelotox is as Catholic obozo is Christian. They are both secular baby killers and do for their religions what bicycles do for fish.
War on women!!! This woman is so phony she can't settle on what accent to use
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Must-see TV: The Obama Workout Video

theroyalwee Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 11:45 PM
What a wuss! Mom Jean wearing, girly throwing commie puss! He sucks at everything he does! Get out now!!!
Coward! Running home escorted by armed guards to send out angry tweets in favor of taking other peoples guns! Love to see more of this. Lib dunces cant defend their positions except online with people equally as clueless
in other news, all of the libs look like something you just stepped in and the conservative chick was hot. typical
An atheist has no use for them, so he gives the beads to satans faithful sanger award recipient. No shame on the left, never will be either. Notre Dame will most likely pay Obozo to give mores speeches claiming victory. All signs of the apocalypse?
Signs of intelligent life beneath the ginger tundra? Nothing glaring...
See you next Tuesday. Champagne waiting for her trip to hell.
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