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in other news, all of the libs look like something you just stepped in and the conservative chick was hot. typical
An atheist has no use for them, so he gives the beads to satans faithful sanger award recipient. No shame on the left, never will be either. Notre Dame will most likely pay Obozo to give mores speeches claiming victory. All signs of the apocalypse?
Signs of intelligent life beneath the ginger tundra? Nothing glaring...
See you next Tuesday. Champagne waiting for her trip to hell.
I'm all for it. Let states like Texas and South Dakota become the first to become "no baby kill" states and let the lib hell holes like Connecticut snatch guns and pay $7.00 for a Big Mac. States have rights and people have choices. The good states will benefit and the peoples republics of Cali and Conn will suffer for their faith in Marxism. Tough love, bring it on!
I doubt seriously her claims of NYC Hershey squirt deaths, her being from the least honest family in recorded history. Also sick of being lectured about poor people by those who refuse to work having been born into obscene wealth. She will be as dishonest and despicable as her rents should she choose public life.
Wow th is filtering posts to make them PC. Wonder why we always lose when we are not allowed to fight back.
Wendy Davis' energy plan. Just burn the kiddos. Sick dems once again must be savaged with their own logic: doesn't burning babies lead to "climate change?" Sick, sick disgusting people on the left.
Nor can you, doctor doofus
Then why are you floating the "rumor" that she is possibly footing the bill? Doesn't it cut both ways, you Obozo suck up? This broad had a 300K/year job that didn't exist the day before or the day after she held it. It was simply a slush fund provided by useful dem idiots like yourself. Troll on huffpo, salon, etc. Plenty of your ilk there.
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