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What are the millions who participated in this vast election fraud conspiracy up to now? Stealing Christmas?
It had to be fraud...because Rasmussen is the most accurate pollster out there! Hahaha!
Tens of milions, no....hundreds of millions of fraudulent votes, I'm telling you! LOL
So conservatives can finally figure out why so many white voters that voted for McCain didn't vote for Romney: This is what happens when you count on the vote of old people and lose big time among young voters; a lot of your people die, and you can not replace them!
Heat melting ice doesn't make sense to Conservatives, So how can we expect them to understand this?
Conservatives are sooo adorable when they act ignorant...NOT!
Yep, That's exactly why Obama won among: Women Blacks Latinos Jews Asian-Americans Whites with 4 year college degrees Voters under the age of 25 Voters on the right side of the Bell's Curve
And Conservatives still looking for comfort in myths. Pathetic!
Kicked out of the Army. Kicked out of Florida Politics. Not exactly what you would call a stellar record, is it?
To all the Conservatives who gave money to Karl Rove's PAC's: Have you asked for your refund already?
You know you cannot buy jug wine with food stamps, do you?
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