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It All Comes Down to You

TheRightSide Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 12:39 AM
Excellent Derek! Truly a pointed article, and much appreciated. I did not begin this campaign season as a fan of Mitt Romney. I was still planning to vote "against Obama", regardless- but I have seen something since the RNC that I never imagined about the Mitt Romney I thought I knew last year. The sheer volume of individuals who are eager to come forward to speak to his character, generosity, and compassion. His humanitarian efforts. His charitable acts. But more starkly- the contrast it has created as NO ONE has come forward with similar accounts of Barack Obama's life. And all of the failed policies, poor choices, divisivness and cowardice he has displayed, pale in comparison to the fact, at least in my eyes-
TheRightSide Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 12:41 AM
that there is no one who can or will give a public, heartfelt, truthful account that he is even a good human being. So, now, instead of just voting against Obama- I am voting FOR Romney, and I am excited to do so. I am very proud to exercise my right to say that I will be able to respect my President again. GOOD LUCK MITT!!!! WE NEED YOU, and most importantly- we want you, to lead our great nation.

Well, this is it. Two days till we know who wins. Two days till we know in which direction our country will travel – toward liberty and a constitutionally limited government, or further down the rabbit hole of a new normal where the president does an end zone dance on an uptick in the unemployment rate as if he’d cured cancer. It will be either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

Personally, I prefer a nation where the president doesn’t sit fecklessly weighing options during a 7-hour attack on Americans overseas and turns a deaf ear to cries for help...

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