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Left Uses Shooting to Push Gun Control

therealpimpc Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 3:37 PM
Hi Marc, it would be good to take an objective look at things......if as you say, "the left has been working for years to kill God in our nation. " One would think the rate of gun related violence would be increasing in America, right? Actually the opposite. It may also interest you to look at more correlations (facts vs. feelings) the rate per captia of gun assualts vs. "the Bible belt", before bringing God into your argument. I do not believe there is actually a relation between God and murder rates, however, if you are trying to say the opposite, there is nothing that would back you up...except your feelings. I do want the right to bear arms.

It didn’t take long for the Left to exploit the tragedy in Colorado for political gain. It’s predictable that horrific incidents of this nature are harnessed as calls for gun control. But why is the inverse not true? Just last week 71-year-old Samuel Williams was hailed as a hero for opening fire on armed robbers in an internet café. One of the masked men was pointing his handgun at customers and it wasn’t until Willams began shooting at them that they then fled. Of course, prevention never elicits the same attention and even if it did, the...