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If more young people test drove so-called "progressivism," they would see it for the train wreck it is and run screaming in the oppositive direction.
And how long is the lease on the emotional attachments of young children to the two people who brought them into the world? Do little Johnny and Sally also sign off on the dotted line and shake hands with their mother as she sails off to her next wed-lease?
Planned Parenthood is at the very bottom of nonprofits and is a blight on humanity.
What's tragic is that the Left and the race-baiters are completely ignoring the dozens of AA beatings of Whites "for Trayvon" since this became a national story.
Yes, that is correct. The Left-Stream Media and their Democrat friends set the official narrative for everything. And then conservatives react to that to set the records straight. The Left often creates, always seizes upon crises, or alleged crises, for political gain. They are STILL harping about stand your ground laws which never came into play in the Zimmerman case. Don't confuse them with any real facts; they make up their minds how to exploit every opportunity.
There are so many cameras spread around cities now, no one truly knows how many there are and where they are.
No matter TM's heighth, he was a mixed martial arts fighter; Zimmerman was Joe Lunch Bucket with no such fighting abilities. TM was a kid filled with lots of anger and hate and he was on a downward trajectory with his life. The way he was going, it was highly unlikely he would ever reach 30.
Martin had purchased items he routinely used to make a drug, which had already caused him to sustain liver damage. He was also checking out homes for the opportunity to commit burglaries.
And the racist in the confrontation was the younger man.
Yes. The allure of other people/s money is overpowering to government bureaucrats. And many of them excel at steering other people's money to their friends, too. They scratch each other's backs while swimming in boat loads of other people's money. They are drunk on it. And seldom are they ever held accountable.
Actually, you have to show up to class -- any class, any field, any department -- and say the magic words: diversity, equality, global warming, abortion, same-sex "marriage," LGBTQUIABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. And presto! An A+ and on to a fabulous career NOT, but cheap camping at Occupy Wall Street.
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