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Well establishment Republicans represent a much smaller group than party-base, conservative Republicans. RINOs are 0-for-forever in presidential elections.
No more Bush! Cruz or Carson; that's all we need to decide in the 2016 primary season. Preferably they will run as a ticket. That's a winning ticket for America.
And also, the selfies are ridiculous. People were injuring athletes at the Tour de France by taking selfies. It's a narcissistic, ridiculous society.
I guess those Hamas missiles are just accidentally aiming for Israel and no harm was meant by them.
Law, justice and the Constitution indeed do not have meaning anywhere. It's all about political will. There can only be impeachment or calls for resignation when a Republican has jaywalked and there is media outrage. Media outrage only works one way -- toward Republicans. There is no left-stream media outrage directed at Democrats. And that's the way it is (sadly and to our nation's detriment).
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Look Her in the Eye

The Perspective Wrote: May 15, 2014 4:42 PM
Then you disagree with embryology textbooks that describe the human embryo as a human being. It's just a human at a different stage. You are re-classifying it in order to justify killing the child at the embryonic stage, which is murder. No one can assume birth causes suffering. That is subjective. You use the words "objectively quantifiable" gratuitously.
The Broncos traded Tebow. The Patriots released him. What happens when either Sam or his boyfriend passes AIDS on to the other? Then they'll be declared victims and receive mass outpourings of sympathy ... along with indignant demands for more AIDS research ... never minding the behavior causing it.
NP bailed on reality long ago.
TT could be the worst QB in the history of pro football. But he was homosexual, he'd have presidents, commissioners and former coaches gushing about how proud they are of him.
TT is 1-for-1 as a starting QB. He got one chance, he did the job. He has worked months on his technique and improved Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and many, many other folks. He deserves a second chance. Given that, I've no doubt he'd be 2-for-2.
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