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Five Reasons to Oppose Gay Marriage

ThePanzer Wrote: May 20, 2012 8:33 PM
Marriage is a contract between 2 consenting human adults. Unless these hypothetical laws want to grant personhood and citizenship to dead bodies, fauna, flora, and inanimate objects, the "slippery slope" doesn't exist.

1) Gay marriage is incompatible with Christianity (and for that matter, Islam & Judaism). If someone asks you why you oppose gay marriage, the only thing you really have to say to explain it is, "I'm a Christian."

God doesn't condemn anyone for who he is; so if you're attracted to the same sex, that absolutely, unconditionally doesn't make you bad, evil or "un-Christian." On the other hand, let me note that I do consider hating, tormenting, or bullying people because of their sexual orientation to be distinctively "un-Christian" behavior. As Billy Graham has said, “God will...