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The Left Vs. the Redskins

The Original King Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 8:13 PM
Larry.....first of all, see if you can get beyond the 3rd grade type name calling in your repsonses......and as far as "libs that nibble OUR free speech right away". This is about a left leaning mag that chooses not to use the term "redskins" in THEIR mag...that is THEIR right to free speech. To begin with, it's not a sports oriented mag, so the term "redskins" probably come up VERY infrequently.Then, I'm curious as to whether you or Prager ever even read the mag....if not, why would either of you care what words they "like" or don't like??? And, sorry, but for Prager to devote the time and effort to writing an entire column about this, he HAD to have been bent out of shape.