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A Morally-Confused Marine

The Original King Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:03 PM
From the original column...."Veterans are the only ones who can explain the ethical impact of war. For me this means being open and honest about the deaths I caused and how they have changed me". It takes a special breed of person to read that and then write an entire (nationally syndicated) column holding the writer up to mockery and ridicule. Prager, who is perhaps the king of the chickenhwaks,is clearly one of the few people who would stoop to that level.
Terminus in WA Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:57 PM
"Veterans are the only ones who can explain the ethical impact of war..." Why do you assume that this statement can be taken at face value without question? No one else - not survivors, not anyone with a third-person perspective may contribute? And.. veterans are not unanimous in their views, either. This person has a skewed view of the Biblical perspective, and DP is calling him out on that. He is not mocking or ridiculing the soldier as much as his confused point of view.

Last week, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by a Marine captain titled, "I Killed People in Afghanistan. Was I Right or Wrong?"

The column by Timothy Kudo, who is now a graduate student at New York University, is a fine example of the moral confusion leftism has wrought over the last half century. Captain Kudo's moral confusion may predate his graduate studies, but if so, it has surely been reinforced and strengthened at NYU.

The essence of Mr. Kudo's piece is that before he served in Afghanistan he was ethically unprepared for killing, that killing is...

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