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So, let's review...............the mayor performs what he says beforehand are two politically incorrect acts, Prager takes offense to it......................and this is different from how Prager claims the left always acts in what way? And again, I'm not defending the rather stupid behavior of the mayor.........just pointing out that political correctness and taking offense to things is NOT simply a left wing attribute. But Prager is not the most self aware person in the world, so I'm sure this point has flown right past him.
Chries............IMHO, not an apt analogy. In this case, my point was that, what was a low class act on the part of the mayor should have been ignored....ESPECIALLY if you're a big Kings fan and want to revel in a great victory. Why should someone let one classless act upset them.
JFK.............agree 100%.
Chries...........but don't those who are focusing on this particular incident (including Prager and many from the supposedly liberal media) also somewhat to blame in terms of drawing attention away from the team's accomplishments?
Former.............yes, Red's smoking habits did predate any strong anti-smoking sentiment point is that IF society is as anti-cigar as Prager whines about, then any CURRENT discussion about Red would focus on how bad of a person he was for smoking cigars.....and that simply is NOT the case. It's a non-issue
Flaming..............I actually doubt that ANY liberal medium would react. I would suggest that anyone with a knowledge of NBA history look at the coaching career of Red Auerbach. He's still remembered as being one of the best coaches in league history. It does get mentioned that he lit up a cigar during the game itself when he felt that the game was, in effect, over. Today people chuckle at that habit of his but I have NEVER seen or heard any condemnation about the fact that he was smoking a cigar. the point you're making is that Prager et al are the modern version of the cold war Soviets in terms of getting upset about our decadent language????
pasa..........why can't someone subscribe to both of those that it WAS dumb for Garcetti to make the comment and it is also, on some level, dumb to get all worked up about it? Regarding the second point, I'm now going to go into Prager mode......."this is just like the right.They just don't understand real evil. People are getting slaughtered by truly evil individuals and groups all over the world and what does the right get all incensed about? That someone used a word they consider to be naughty" (end of impersonation.....and anyone who thinks that that comment was pointless and unfair should appreciate the fact that this is what Prager does on an almost daily basis)
HR..............I didn't hear that show........did that incident happen during the day or at night?
Richard........................are you saying that, if an athlete or actor makes religious comments that are considered noteworthy for whatever reason, no one is allowed to comment on that? Of COURSE they would be allowed to do so.............hell, remember just a couple of weeks ago when Bergdahl's father made the (Islamic) religious comment? Are you saying that no one commented on that at all?
I didn't get all that worked up about this, but, by and large, I appreciated the general point Prager is making. But, with Prager being Prager, he ALWAYS has to keep talking until he makes an absurd comment. His comment about the cigar definitely falls into that category. I very often wonder if prager just makes those stupid comments for effect or if he REALLY believes them. If Garcetti had lit a cigar and announced it as being a victory cigar does Prager REALLY think there would have been more fallout than what resulted from the beer and f-bomb? The crowd would have cheered (the cigar) but otherwise it would have been a COMPLETE non story. But, with Prager being a cigar smoker, of course, he always has to toss the "victim" card into the pile.
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