Previous 21 - 30 Next absolutely stole my thunder here. I was just about to make some of the same points. Prager often begins one of his moronic points with "as I always say, leftism is the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years". And every time he says that , my response is "Yes, YOU always say that....but it does NOT make it true". Of course, leftism is NOT a religion. It is a political movement. If Prager remains confused about this, I'd suggest he consult a dictionary and see if it defines leftism as a religion. If his dictionary does NOT describe leftism as a religion, what does that say about Prager if he just MAKES UP his own inaccurate definition of a word/concept. How can anyone who claims to be for clarity hope to find it if they just make up thier own absurd definitions? I know Prager is always irked by people who think they are somehow above the teachings of the bible......well, I'm irked by someone who considers himself above the "teachings" of a dictionary.
t252.........but clearly, every dog is not capable of inflicting the type of damage that a pit bull can.
Rosalyn..........I'm not sure if you heard the show I was referring to but the point was that he was COMPLETELY dismissive. Instead of, God forbid, having an expert on to discuss the merits of wind power or of Prager himself even discussing the pros and cons of wind power, he just blew it off (no pun intended) by saying that for, pro-wind power people that is their religion. End of discussion. And, again, what good does this do......if someone is pro natural gas should someone else just end the conversation by claiming that that (natural gas) is THEIR religion?
tbm.........I agree that it is sick to try to save (or, ESPECIALLY, ever release) a dog that has done this much damage. But I would suggest that the main people behind this are just rabid (no pun intended) pit bull lovers. And to suggest that people who have no problem with others in their community having potentially vicious and dangerous dogs are leftists or "envirowhackos" is quite a leap. about social security and medicare for starters
I caught parts of Prager's show today.... unfortunately, no new enlightenment on his part. He ended the show (or maybe it was just the second hour of the show) by saying "If you love America, you'll fight leftism". I can not even IMAGINE a counterpart on the left, such as Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Ronan Farrow, etc making a similar comment, ie "If you love America, you'll fight conservativism".
PragEAR.......nice rant but (1) do you know if the judge had any flexibility in the sentencing and (2) do you actually know what the judge's politics are or are you just going to assume that he's a "liberal"?
Enrique......we can only hope that Prager is changing his tactics and becoming a bit more rational. OF COURSE almost everyone, from either party or political philosophy agrees that these pieces of garbage shouldn't be released from prison for many, many years. And, by not being devisive, Prager has written an article that virtually everyone can respect and agree with. Now, what the "old" Prager (and by "old" I mean up to a week or so ago) would have done is find the ONE person (probably on the left) who felt that these relatively minimal sentences were appropriate and that the criminals should eventually be welcomed back into society. Then, from that, the "old" Prager would have written an article "THE LEFT doesn't want these criminals in jail!"
Hey, when the man's right, he's right. Agree 100% with the column. And I'll admit that I was cringing as I neared the end of the column, fearing that he was going to end on some "left vs right" note.....but he didn't and I salute him for that. Well done. one runs away from confrontation.............what happens is, if there are too many valid points being made from an opposing point of view, someone just comes through and starts deleting most/all of those posts.
IMO, it is disineguous for Prager to claim that anyone wants this bomber "to live". There IS a difference between wanting someone killed and for specifically wanting them "to live". FWIW, I have no problem with this animal being put to death....his crimes were SO atrocious. But..............I doubt that anyone who doesn't want him put to death actually WANTS him "to live". To prove my point, let's talk about Prager and a serial rapist. He is on the record as saying that the death penalty should only be given to murderers. Fine. So, I would guess that, in the case of a guy who violently raped a dozen women, although Prager doesn't actually want the guy killed by the state, if/when the guy does die, by whatever cause, Prager would shed no tears and would think that the world is better off. And I would agreee with that position...........but it IS different from "wanting (the rapist) to live".
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