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Heard some classic Prager earlier today....he was making some (very valid) points about how tough many of the earlier generations had it including those who came to the US. by ships, those who crossed the mountains by coach, etc etc. Then he pointed out that in modern times, all some people do is complain, complain, complain. At that point, I started counting down the seconds......it didn't take long (maybe a minute or so) before, on cue, Prager started complaining.....this time about how he had to see wind power devices in Ireland and how this was the fault of the environmentalists. Oh well, he does deserve credit for going about 60 seconds without complaining.
"leftism...hates everything that differs from its politically correct dogma"......right, and conservatives lovingly respect any and all opposing views. Hell, just read the comments in this forum every week. I'm not sure if a week goes by when at least one person doesn't claim that libs are evil or in line with Satan
"every Christian is on the right"............really? You apparently decided to just ignore all of the relatively left leaning Christian denominations. And, based on the general trend of his comments and stated positions, do you consider the Pope to also be a die hard conservative?
mjo...............good point(s)
trucker............IMHO, Kevin nailed it. Even Prager, who regularly bends himself into a pretzel trying to blame "the left" for any and every problem known to mankind, didn't try to hang this one on the left.
Michael.............I think they've actually gotten a LITTLE better about that (possibly because there seems to be a MUCH lower # of comments/interest these days). Not all that long ago, a LOT of my posts were being deleted. And there was no name calling, antagonism, etc in the posts......just a disagreeing position.
Enrique......................right. It's pretty clear that, with the great overabundance of right wing radio hosts, they all know that, if they don't keep the hate-meter on 11 every show, they are going to fall behind in the ratings.
Not sure if anyone caught this but there was an absolutely classic moment on "Mr Happiness' " show a couple of weeks ago. It was in the days following the Robin Williams suicide. During this particular hour, Prager was taking calls from people who had experienced some level of depression in their lives. Fairly interesting...and he managed to keep politics out of the discussion. Then this very nice woman calls in. She praised prager at the onset....she clearly was a fan and was not calling to give him a hard time. So, after a fairly long discussion, Prager asks if there is anything in particular that brings on her depression. IIRC, she first mentioned gloomy weather. But the second thing she mentioned was classic......."Sometimes, I can get depressed just listening to your show when I hear how bad the world is". If someone tells you that listening to your negativity can actually bring on depression, it might just be time to rethink your attitude. Anyway, enough about that...let's get back to this week's tragic episode, where this no good coward of a business owner had the audacity to remove a sign about bacon. We're doomed, I tell ya!
575.....let me help you out here............ENRIQUE is not saying that this guy's small business is subordinate the the national interest........he is saying that this is, in effect what Prager and his ilk are saying.
Michael........................great stuff! And I'm certain that there are several other examples available.
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