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Michael......point, set and match. Well put.
EMcF..............I understand your point, but those of us who are exposed to Prager have no idea what is within his soul. All we know is what he specifically says or writes about and it seems to run about 98% negative, angry, divisive or cynical. He often makes this point on his show...even if you are unhappy for some reason you should, for the benefit of others, do your best to act happy or project happiness. It's apparently one of those little things that all of us should be doing but that he's exempt from.
Always a joy to check in on Mr Happiness.............here are three of his last four columns: "The Jewish state in a morally sick world", "Why America is in Jeopardy" and "LA Mayor exemplifies America's decline"......................the world is truly a better place as a result of Prager spreading his positive attitude, and happiness. One of these days I'm going to have to buy his book on happiness so I can learn even more from the master.
Enrique.....not sure if you've ever heard prager's occasional references to Iron Dome, but, as you can imagine, the current admin gets absolutely NO credit at all for that in terms of paying hundreds of millions of $$ to support the system. Who does get the credit? Reagan.................somehow, Prager uses this as an argument that Reagan was right and the Dems were wrong about the proposed "Star Wars" program. These are, of course, 2 COMPLETELY different systems, with the Iron Dome being a ground to air system. When prager makes that claim I always wonder if he's really that ignorant or just that dishonest.
soliton...............no I didn't, but I would wager that it was VERY few times, if at all. I absolutely get that this is a partisan website and have no problem at all with Prager being a far right winger. But...................I very strongly feel that he would be much more successful in terms of getting his point across and for being a source of happiness, rather than anger and bitterness (which he claims is a good thing) if, instead of CONSTANTLY demonizing the Dems/left, he wrote positive articles and made positive comments in favor of what the GOP/right wing is doing. Why NOT try to influence people from a positive point of view in terms of always demonizing the other side? IMHO, Michael Medved is MUCH better at doing this. So, to answer your question, I doubt that Prager even mentioned the GOP/right wing in this article. As always, it was just another negative, angry rant...........and THAT is probably why Prager is having difficulty even hitting 100 comments to his columns any more. It's just the same old same old every week.
welldone................if you can point out a speech, book, article, etc where Pres Obama has claimed that the right is totalitarian, that they poison society, that "the right" in general has a "broken moral compass", etc etc etc I'll concede your point that there are some similarities between the two men.
John.....................very nice. So, it's fine to use this forum to curse at people because, after all, anyone with a differing view is out to "destroy America". Have you ever considered moving to Iraq where it's more more common place to have such absolute hatred and vitriol for the opposing side?
I Love it.............I'm trying, in my humble way to, for once, see if the anger, demonetization, accusations, arm chair psychoanalysis, etc etc can be put on hold for the 4th of July and I'm accused of using a "typical leftist tactic". Well, I tried..............and Prager actually still insists that the anger and demonetization comes almost exclusively from the left. It always makes me wonder whether he's just a straight out liar or if he NEVER checks out this forum, just out of idol curiosity. Oh well...Happy 4th of July to any reasonable, non-angry people who see this.
JFK.........damn, you're on to me. OK, I was lying....I really want all liberals to have a happy 4th of July and all conservatives to have a krappy one. Good Lord. Regarding the issue of being divisive, what is there not to understand? And by the way, I would consider it just as divisive if a left wing columnist had written a similar column in which he/she made sweeping comments about "the right" being totalitarian, that their position is a result of low self esteem, etc, etc etc.
Prager is a rather pathetic person. He talks about e pluribus unum but then 2 days before what should be the celebration of this great country he delivers another divisive, insulting column that, as always ends up with many very angry emails insulting the president, comparing fellow citizens to Stalin, etc etc. Well done, Prager. Always take the low, angry, divisive road. As for me...........I wish all of you and your families a very happy and safe 4th of July.
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