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By the way Amy the key word here is un/reasonable. I think it is unreasonable for neighbor watch volunteers to engage with people they consider suspicious. You disagree.
AmyDB one of the first things a neighborhood is taught is to be the eyes and ears of the police but not to try to do their job.
AmyDB I never called Zimmerman the aggressor. I have said that his failure to stay in his vehicle set into action a chain of events that led to Martin's death. That's very different.
AmyDB I'm still trying to figure out how you see a disagreement here. I do not dispute the fact that Zimmerman's injuries, his statements to the police support his claim of self defense and create reasonable but what they prove is that there was a fight that ended with Trayvon Martin being shot. Where is the disagreement?
AmyDB, I see what the problem is now. As I scroll back I note that every post to me in the last hour besides those from you and Psydoc have come from people who insist on referring to me as a boy or young punk. I don't even look at their posts. You are invariably respectful and genial, so please ask away.
Oh Amy, if these queries come from posters like USMC, Henry Vlll, Georgetwin et al who insists on calling 55 year old men boys and young punks then I don't even read them.
AmyDB, please ask away, you have my undivided attention.
AmyDB if I have not responded to your posts it is because I am busy responding to the barrage of posts directed at me the only liberal on this page. So please, ask away.
AmyDB where is the attitude? I have not insulted anyone here or talked down to them. Having a different point of view is not the same as having an attitude.
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