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JB I did not stereotype. I reacted very specifically to your and CompCon's posts.
continued..,I do my best to treat everyone with whom I interact respectfully.
Bryce is not a little boy he is a 55 year old man.
JB show me whom I have stereotyped.
By the way, the reason blacks don't join the conservative movement is because we know that CompCon and JB speak for many within the movement.
JB you are the same as CompCon. You can't resist reducing me to a stereotype. I have never received a penny from the government and I don't believe in reparations and yet you make those assumptions because I'm black. Sad and pathetic.
compCon you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. You don't come here to debate issues, you come to insult and injure. It's pathetic frankly.
No I'm still here. It's funny CompCon, when blacks rally it's a mob, when Tea Partiers rally it's Democracy in action. When a Tea Partier brandishes a weapon they are protecting their 2nd Amendment rights, when blacks brandish a weapon they're thugs.
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