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Hilarious! Made my day. Surprised that calls of "RACISM!" haven't already gone out. (But I won't be surprised if those clubs get a visit from the IRS.) Of course, we are paying for his there-back-there-back Air Force One trips, though, no? And like anyone thinks he actually did "some work Saturday morning"! HA!
This is slapstick, LOL funny/bad! Like, you can't put a scene like this in a movie because it's just too convenient! Now, "Saved By The Bell" or something, yes. This scene would be the pivotal plot point. And the laugh track would work, after the "OhhhhhHHHH!" cry dies down. $100 says the MSM will ignore it, though. They will ignore the [lying scumbag] sitcom clowns.
Of course, I don't recall Bush ever been harassed on his vacations. Oh, wait - he took most all of his at Camp David, where A.) it cost the taxpayer very, very little and B.) it enabled the maximum number of Secret Service agents to be able to spend their holidays with THEIR families. This was not accidental. The Bushes consistently treated their Secret Service agents (and all WH workers) better than most people treat their own families. And far better than the current POTUS and FLOTUS treat ...anyone.
I'm going to do something shocking here and say that in one tiny respect, I applaud Miley Cyrus: She explained that after the HUGE fuss her twerking [vulgarities] caused at last year's VMA's, she realized she had an enormous platform from which to speak/influence, and that is why she did the homeless-guy-as-date thing this year. And in fact, it brought in tons of money for homeless shelters for youths. So while I think in general, anyone is an idiot for listening to the political views of a rock star - that is, WHY does their opinion matter more than the grocer's down the street? - if one realizes that SOME idiots do do as you say, then it is a waste of influence not to use it. So for that reason, I can see why Beyoncé used her [literal] platform to push her ideas. I just wish it hadn't been COMPLETELY STUPID and non-sensical. The whole revamping of "Feminism = Being Naked Whenever You Feel Like It" is so insulting to me as a woman.
Lovin' that government teat in Louisiana. Can't let anything cut them off, no sir. Sad, because while New Orleans suffered so dreadfully with the levy break after Katrina, so many were already dependent on welfare/etc. WELL beforehand. I don't know how the state can ever recover its independence, and its citizens their self-reliance and dignity. I am NOT talking about the whole state. And I love New Orleans like a second home, and I have many HARD-working friends throughout the city and the state. But the culture of dependency on government handouts - generational dependency, I'm talking - has atrophied/crippled the proverbial legs such that walking without crutches is impossible, I fear.
I was not expecting *any* black POTUS to cause this kind of division - on purpose. It's the man, not his color that's the problem. I'd LOVE to have Dr. Ben Carson as President. I'd have been thrilled if Condoleeza Rice had run and won.
Maybe Obama should go and take selfies with attractive, powerful blond women while the First Lady glowers. Nah. That could never happen.
Yeah, but Brown was just a sweet, gentle young boy who was about to leave for college. Oops, never mind on every one of those counts, reported as truth by the MSM...
Exactly whatI do in my AP classes. I tell them what "they" want you know. And I tell the other side. High five!
In the former Soviet Union, where good work/service had not been a requirement to get [meagerly] paid, one today finds the service pretty awful. Even in St Petersburg, where they are trying so hard to be Europe, we found just about everyone not getting how to be a good waiter or service provider of any kind. Even when they seemed to want to, having discovered the link between good service and tipping, they still couldn't do it. There is no service culture there. (I've been a waitress; I'm not a rich snob who requires her rear to be kissed. I'm talking regular, decent service, not the Ritz. Waffle House waitresses are awesome.) Of course, Our Dear Leader and his pals see this as perfect. It's "fair" if everyone gets paid the same....except themselves, of course. Even in the USSR, where everyone was equal, some were "more equal" than others...
I'll counter that a super liberal teacher can be a super teacher - and the child can emerge unscathed - if the child is well prepared at home. And a teacher with wonderful values and morals and beliefs, etc., can be a terrible teacher! A teacher with whom you disagree can make you clarify what it is that you do believe - and why. You can reject what he/she says. You can learn what both sides of the argument are, then be able to win the debate because you know what the opposing point of view is! My parents prepared me to be able to discern truth from bunk, and to know how to play the game. That wasn't their whole goal, but it's one of the many things they taught me. Look what this remarkable young lady has done; she is now interning here at TH! She knows her U.S. History and she knows the leftist interpretation. She might be our next Katie Pavlich or Ben Shapiro. Keep it up, Miss Ross; this was an auspicious start and a great first article here. Very well written.
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