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Can't say I support that at ALL. But I do have a friend whose sexual attraction was successfully redirected.
But I don't think any regular TH-er wants criminalization of homosexual acts. That's a straw man (the thought of which is horrifying) that pro-gay activists love to say that we want. I love my gay friends. In fact, I love all my friends who engage in sinful activities, which includes all my friends. And me. But we are simply witnessing the coming criminalization of holding Biblical standards, upon which the country was founded, and it is chilling. You are correct that we have gone to the opposite extreme now.
Sin is sin. Jesus equated homosexuality with murder. And lying. And gossip. They're all sin. A shirt with a tiny stain on it is as in need of a washing as is a shirt with a huge stain. Fortunately, God loves me - the dirty shirt maker. And he's washed my shirt clean. Non-Christians need to see us Christians as not holding one sin to be "better" than another. We're called to imitate Christ and be perfect. I hate murder, adultery, lying, and gossip. Fortunately, I've not been guilty of *all* of the above, but wonderful too is that I am not considered guilty anymore of any of them, thanks to the Cross.
That was perfect wording. PERfect. I am grabbing your post for future reference when I need to express my thoughts well! I wish I could give you better credit than "WJF on Townhall"!
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EPA's "Killer" Ideology

The Original Alice Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 9:34 PM
And sadly, I am not shocked by this ugly report. Par for the course, under the power-hungry crazies.
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Sex and Race Equality

The Original Alice Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 12:33 AM
Laughed out loud! Nice.
LOL! Perfect.
Sorry, NHS
Two things: 1.) Soylent Green. Fortunately, that was considered objectionable when it was discovered. But that was science fiction. 2.) The last years of [known] cannibalism in Papua New Guinea involved women who had been accused of being witches, and were murdered thusly. The villagers then thought about it and decided, well, she's meat (formerly known as "long pig"). And we're hungry. Wy let good meat go to waste? Looks like the NHA is as advanced as PNG cannibals.
Exactly! They don't want to be PERCEIVED as "beating up on the cripple," so they make him "not crippled." Via photoshop. TA-DA! Now they're still The Virtuous Party!
I can sooooo think of another word for a woman that is much more insulting that I'd rather see banned. Yea, the one Maher called Palin. And yet I choose not to go the Orwellian route. I prefer to let words exist, and either use them or not. Sad that I'm not proud anymore to call myself a former Girl Scout, Miss Bossy
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