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Even worse than the horror of WHO's and UNICEF's practicing their own little progressive eugenics experiment in Africa is the effect on other countries. That is, perfectly legit healthcare workers have been murdered in Taliban-controlled countries, because the rumor was that the vaccinations being provided contained birth control. And that was ridiculous, right? Not anymore. Thanks, WHO and UNICEF, for now crippling/killing off millions of *future* children and adults with terrible, avoidable diseases! And murdering more healthcare workers! Great job! Thumbs up! Really thought that one through, didn't ya!
By far, the scariest cellphone footage I have ever seen. Both as someone who writes and is horrified when my laptop screws up for technical reasons, but FAR more as someone who doesn't want to believe that my own government could have such evil intentions. I do believe it, mind you. I just wish it weren't true.
Bingo. And their intentions, of course, are always purer/higher than ours.
I am in love with #6. That put things into a perspective I had not see before. I literally sat up and said. "Whoa!"
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Good Women Have Abortions

The Original Alice Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 7:17 AM
I suspect Mike is having fun with the titles (although I'm surprised too that he chose those instead of something even funnier!).
That last line: SO TRUE!! Ha!
Let's see them be REALLY edgy and write in a Mohammed character. That'll go over big with some of their fans.
While some might call these measures extreme/alarmist, they are excellent ways of avoiding the flu, too, which IS likely to be in all our vicinities, and is a killer of far more Americans. Thus not alarmist. Practical.
I can only imagine if this violence had happened to Chelsea Clinton, and Fox News had openly laughed out loud. Their buildings would be on FIRE already.
I LOVE THIS AD!!! Hilarious and perfect!! PERFECT. Almost as funny as trying to see how it is "sexist." My brain hurts trying to wrap itself around that one... Libs are a laugh a minute!
(And obviously I know that these criminals don't all still hold their positions of power. But they should have been fired the week that the hell that they caused, broke - not hung around for months. Or in Clinton's case, possibly run for President despite it!)
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