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MADE for Twitchy: Koch Bros not only are one of the main causes of "Climate Change," but they also: * Made my milk go bad last week * Caused that guy I met in the grocery store not to ask me for my phone number * Made my neighbor park his truck in front of my house AGAIN * Made me gain 4 pounds over the winter * Are making it hard for me to get those 4 pounds off now Your turn, folks!
I have items in virtual shopping carts in half a dozen sites. By Obama's accounting, those websites' sales are HUGE! So let's tax them more!!
I just learned today that the firing of my private school's ENTIRE custodial staff (janitorial and landscaping) at the end of last year (and the switch to outside janitorial and landscaping companies) is because we knew we'd have to pay everyone's healthcare coverage, beyond what they'd been getting. Were these people - most, first generation immigrants, many of whose children got to go to our school for free - hating their jobs because they didn't get ridiculous healthcare coverage? No. They were heartbroken to LOSE THEIR JOBS. It was that or raise the tuition the next year for the paying parents beyond what many of them would be able to pay. I'm so mad I could spit. Yeah, the Democrats are GREAT news for Latinos.
But telling a potential sex partner that you are HIV positive might prevent you from getting sex from that person! And not having sex is apparently the worst thing that can happen, in Liberal Land. (And if you don't have sex, you can't get pregnant, and THEN how is PP gonna make their money?!)
And I, being of German-American heritage take great offense at you people's eating hamburgers - FROM HAMBURG! GERMANY! And drinking BEER?!?! How insensitive!! All MacDonalds' (hey, you Scots are offending me!) and Burger Kings (elitist, royal pigs!) should also be fined and closed! And imprisoned! (God, I want some enchiladas right now.)
Geez, I can't type: 5000 people and "The poor you will always have with you."
HRC: "The disciples come to Jesus and suggest they send away the people to find food to fend for themselves. But Jesus said, 'No. You feed them,'" Clinton said. "He was teaching a lesson about the responsibility we all share." Um, how about, the disciples COULDN'T feed them. It TOOK A MIRACLE to feed all the hungry people. The disciples did NOT have the means, no matter how much you taxed them, to feed all 500 people. Does this mean I say I have no responsibility to feed the hungry? No. But as Jesus said, "You poor you will always have with." Taxing the rich - even to the point of poverty - will not even put a dent in the problem. Sure will make her feel good to stick it to 'em, though. ...even though she's rich herself. I do not understand these people, obviously...
So the lesson of miracle of the feeding of the 5000 is that we're to feed everyone? Therefore, the miracle of the wedding in Canaan is that we're to give wine to everyone? "Here ya go, Skid Row guys! Hillary says this is what the Bible means!" Not surprising, of course. Of course she thinks the Gospel is "Be nice." (And uses it to justify her socialist leanings.) Kinda missing that whole substitutionary-death-on-the-cross thing...
Q: "What is the most important thing to you?" A: “My God." Sounds like a radical fundamentalist, jihadist to me! Oh, wait. "My faith in Allah" would also have gotten him the boot? And they'd have put it in writing? Would "my car" or "my wine collection" or "my sex life" have been better answers??
Best laugh of the day!!
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