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Zing! Perfect.
You win! LOL That's a Photoshop I want to see.
I guess I want my homosexual friends (and any friends who may not know Christ) to know that I'm no better than them - just forgiven. Christ spent time with and loved tax collectors and prostitutes. I won't win sinners to Him via battles - only love. That does not mean, however, that I will roll over and play dead when it comes to law and the Constitution, make no mistake! A country that attacks blacks, gays or Christians (or any combination thereof) is dangerous to all. I fight for our nation to remain pluralistic. We need to all be here, and not tread on each other's rights. And nobody has a "right" to force a wedding photographer to shoot their wedding. Neither, I will add, do I have the right to deny housing to someone just because I disagree with their sleeping partner. But the pendulum of the old intolerance has swung to the New [In]Tolerance - the "tolerance" that forces you to accept everything, which is the most intolerant of all. The "tolerance" that is nothing more than forced moral relativism.
(That is, "about Che Guevara.") Oh, I also told them of Che's disdain for the Black Man, whom he held lower than drunken monkeys. That's the part my student could not beLIEVE that Jay-Z wouldn't know!
I taught my students the full truth above Che Guevara. A couple of them (all white) just could not believe it. Said one, "But Jay-Z wears a Che Guevara t-shirt! And he's...smart! He would know if that were true! He wouldn't wear it if it were true!!" More than likely, I explained, he'd never known that Che was a bloodthirsty probable-psychopath (ok, I didn't quite say it like that) that hated gays, jazz, rock, jeans, long hair, and ANY push-back against him, because most of the world so loves Che, that they will not say or listen to the facts. But they are facts. "But Jay-Z would know!! He's really smart!" Not sure I ever got through to that one...
Dr X, You misunderstand. These merchants/artists are not refusing all services. Photograph your pet? Fine. Photograph your portrait - maybe even that of you and your partner? Fine (and some would be fine with the latter). Photograph your "wedding," in which you attempt to redefine marriage to mean "Whoever I feel like being linked to" - not fine. Same with the baker. She'd done many jobs for that particular pair. But when asked if she would bake for their "wedding" - thus make money by aiding and abetting their union which is a sin under God's law (and her conscience) and still considered illegal in most states, she declined. There are many bakers. The pair found easily another, then sued retroactively. I will lease to, lease from, and hire homosexuals to do anything, even teach my children (as long as they refrain from indoctrinating my child to think that [active] homosexuality is not the sin that God calls it). I've roomed with gay men and women, work with many, etc. I love them all. (I also have roomed with straight roommates who were also having sex outside of marriage, which again, God does not condone. I love all my friends equally, and none are perfect. Nor am I.) But saying that marriage now means whatever the heck someone else wants - and being forced to condone it and service it - no.
Perfectly stated.
Can't say I support that at ALL. But I do have a friend whose sexual attraction was successfully redirected.
But I don't think any regular TH-er wants criminalization of homosexual acts. That's a straw man (the thought of which is horrifying) that pro-gay activists love to say that we want. I love my gay friends. In fact, I love all my friends who engage in sinful activities, which includes all my friends. And me. But we are simply witnessing the coming criminalization of holding Biblical standards, upon which the country was founded, and it is chilling. You are correct that we have gone to the opposite extreme now.
Sin is sin. Jesus equated homosexuality with murder. And lying. And gossip. They're all sin. A shirt with a tiny stain on it is as in need of a washing as is a shirt with a huge stain. Fortunately, God loves me - the dirty shirt maker. And he's washed my shirt clean. Non-Christians need to see us Christians as not holding one sin to be "better" than another. We're called to imitate Christ and be perfect. I hate murder, adultery, lying, and gossip. Fortunately, I've not been guilty of *all* of the above, but wonderful too is that I am not considered guilty anymore of any of them, thanks to the Cross.
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