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It's not just Facebook. Remember the brouhaha about high school classes' being taught the same (by Planned Parenthood workers who turned out to also work in sex-toy stores). I think I need to make this work FOR me. E.g., I feel very African American today. Can [formerly "white"] students get special consideration for college acceptance now? Who are you to say they're white? They can be whoever they want to be. Labelist!!
Yeah, but see - if you give me a rude comment, you don't GET the second chance! Yes, you've determined that I'm a nice girl, but I've written you off as a jerk!
haha! And I pretty sure you don't WANT a woman who responds to a "nice-rack" comment! Don't give up, 954 :-)
You know, I read comments on TH complaining that it's all about the money - if you don't have any, she won't give you the time of day. Here, it's if you don't have good looks, she won't bother. I do have to say that women are rightly credited with dating unattractive men (who have a lot to offer) more than men will date an ugly or older duckling with a great personality. I used to be on Match.com, and most of the hits I got were from men older than me down to some my age. ...and some way young who wanted a Sugar Mama. The men seemed to start their filter at 20 younger than themselves and stopped at 5 or 10 years younger than they were. Women, in contrast, were willing to go all over the age brackets. What I lament: People no longer set people up! Married couples used to set single friends up; what happened to that? They other person was pre-vetted - perfect! You knew he/she wasn't a creep/psycho because your mutual friends knew they weren't. My bottom line regarding looks: does he take care of himself. Bald is fine (actually, sexy!), but overweight is not. "Slob" is not. I agree with Carlos7 - looks are not the closer for most women. (Zillions of articles of "Famous Beautiful Women with Ugly Partners" and few of the reverse.)
Pistol - Hahaha! That is EXcellent advice!!! "She's hawt" is not a good enough reason to sleep with her, ignoring any and all red flags!
Can't agree with you on all this, Ransom. Pretty sure men voted for Obama too. (And women like me voted against him, both times.) Same with most of these other transgressions. (Only women have massive student loan debt??) You seem to conflating feminists with women. We are not one and the same. (It makes you sound like a bitter, rejected male. I doubt that's how you wanted to come across.) The women of TH do not hate men as a rule! But I'm completely with you that those who have hijacked feminism have done women AND men a disservice.
But y'all are being unfair! American kids can sneak into Germany, France, Russia, Mexico, etc. and demand free education, despite not not being legal residents, nor speaking German, French, Russian, Spanish, etc., and THEY get it! Wait - what? Never mind.
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Jon Stewart and Me

The Original Alice Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 8:16 PM
Ok, I'll give you The Daily Show AND the Huff Post as the two main sources for news for young adult Americans. Seriously, just because other blogs and websites exist, does not mean that your average college student or just-out-of-college-student gets the majority of his/her news there. College kids are not watching Brian Williams, CNN, MSNBC, or digging into on-line news sources, as much as you might like to think: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/young-get-news-from-comedy-central/ Old article, but has it equal between Daily Show and the big TV news programs (piled together). (And cynical me suspects a lot of these kids lied, only pretending they watched major news programs regularly!) A study showing same: http://www.indiana.edu/~rcapub/v29n2/nojoke.shtml And I used to be one!! I watched the Daily Show before Stewart, even - with "Craigers." Then many years of Stewart. Very, very few other sources. And I was in my 30's and 40's! (Much better informed now, thank you.)
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