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You Bet This is Swiftboating

The Original Alice Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 3:41 PM
Yes! One of her very best (and she has *many*). I just LOL'd very loudly!!
Hahahaha! Great answer! (And profoundly sad, too.)
"So, if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I won’t tolerate it period.” Just like, "If you like your doctor/plan, you can keep your doctor/plan. PERIOD." Pretty sure he doesn't know what that "period" thing means. He also left out the ubiquitous, "Make no mistake about it..." And the ol' "...and I will find out whoever is responsible and hold them accountable" refrain, too. I can pretty much write his [composed-of-pure-lies] speeches myself.
Wait - They're saying the Village People - the first openly mega-gay group - is racist? So, like, the PC Police hate homosexuals now?!? My brain hurts. Re: the camel. Were he to be speaking in a Middle Easter accent, I could see the point (if I squint really hard to look). But they very clearly, very obviously made him with a Joe Blow, pure American accent. So can koala bears never be used again because that's offensive to Australians? Or a panda, because all Asians must take offense? And shoot that Taco Bell chihuahua NOW.
That's a tough one. The idea is indeed repugnant, but the fact is that there will be many visitors who WILL WANT a memento. I guarantee this. And if the museum doesn't provide the ability to buy one (with the proceeds - I'm assuming - going to the families of survivors), then the NYC street "entrepreneurs" will print up t-shirts and hats themselves - and keep ALL of the profits. Like I said - this is tough.
"...undocumented children and children from immigrant families who seek to receive the public education to which they are entitled.” Whaaaaa?? "Entitled"? Do I get to go to other countries and demand free stuff from them, to which I'm "entitled"? Cool - see ya! "Hello, Tahiti! I want free housing and food stamps, and education for my equally illegal children. Oh, and free healthcare. Thanks!"
MADE for Twitchy: Koch Bros not only are one of the main causes of "Climate Change," but they also: * Made my milk go bad last week * Caused that guy I met in the grocery store not to ask me for my phone number * Made my neighbor park his truck in front of my house AGAIN * Made me gain 4 pounds over the winter * Are making it hard for me to get those 4 pounds off now Your turn, folks!
I have items in virtual shopping carts in half a dozen sites. By Obama's accounting, those websites' sales are HUGE! So let's tax them more!!
I just learned today that the firing of my private school's ENTIRE custodial staff (janitorial and landscaping) at the end of last year (and the switch to outside janitorial and landscaping companies) is because we knew we'd have to pay everyone's healthcare coverage, beyond what they'd been getting. Were these people - most, first generation immigrants, many of whose children got to go to our school for free - hating their jobs because they didn't get ridiculous healthcare coverage? No. They were heartbroken to LOSE THEIR JOBS. It was that or raise the tuition the next year for the paying parents beyond what many of them would be able to pay. I'm so mad I could spit. Yeah, the Democrats are GREAT news for Latinos.
But telling a potential sex partner that you are HIV positive might prevent you from getting sex from that person! And not having sex is apparently the worst thing that can happen, in Liberal Land. (And if you don't have sex, you can't get pregnant, and THEN how is PP gonna make their money?!)
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