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I cannot read the top paragraph because of the ad that I cannot make go away. Please get work on the layout, TH.
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David French Slays Goliath

The Original Alice Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 7:31 AM
I couldn't wait last week - I had to watch it then! Too good a story, even though I already knew the outcome! But the details were too delicious to stop.
"A Democratic pollster said that such tactics turns off women, calling them politically cheap and divisive; a majority of them think this narrative is merely a 'political gimmick.'" UN-like the Lena-Whatsis-From-"Girls" ad - the one with "I remember my first time [that I had sex] with Barack Obama; it was incredible. I recommend him for your first time, all you [voting] virgins." Yeah, no cheap gimmick there. I *LOVE* this new ad.
The NPR lapdogs this AM? A huge report on this wonderful "moderate" Muslim [terrorist]. Not word ONE about his fatwa against our troops. Mind you, if this man has TURNED from his former ways - and laments his former call - I'm all for praising him. But that is not the case.
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O Audit, Where Art Thou?

The Original Alice Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 10:56 PM
But hey, folks: "I take full responsibility. They should have never happened, and I apologize for this." That makes everything right [if you're a Democrat], right? We're good, Mary! Obama and Sebelius "[took] full responsibility" for the Obamacare roll-out fiasco, and that's all good now. H. Clinton took "full responsibility" for Benghazi, so that's fine now. Lerner apologized and admitted the IRS targeting was wrong - well, at first she did (until she didn't), so we're good with that now, right? You folks are SO DEMANDING! Jeez. Landrieu took full responsibility; that means everything is fine now. Nothing to see here. Move along, lookie-loos!
Let me try: In common - both male. Both eat/ate food. Both breathe[d] air. Both had a lot of people in their country who thought they were great. Both had a lot of people in other countries who didn't like them. Does that work? (I could spend a few days on the outer parts of the diagram.)
Hilarious! Made my day. Surprised that calls of "RACISM!" haven't already gone out. (But I won't be surprised if those clubs get a visit from the IRS.) Of course, we are paying for his there-back-there-back Air Force One trips, though, no? And like anyone thinks he actually did "some work Saturday morning"! HA!
This is slapstick, LOL funny/bad! Like, you can't put a scene like this in a movie because it's just too convenient! Now, "Saved By The Bell" or something, yes. This scene would be the pivotal plot point. And the laugh track would work, after the "OhhhhhHHHH!" cry dies down. $100 says the MSM will ignore it, though. They will ignore the [lying scumbag] sitcom clowns.
Of course, I don't recall Bush ever been harassed on his vacations. Oh, wait - he took most all of his at Camp David, where A.) it cost the taxpayer very, very little and B.) it enabled the maximum number of Secret Service agents to be able to spend their holidays with THEIR families. This was not accidental. The Bushes consistently treated their Secret Service agents (and all WH workers) better than most people treat their own families. And far better than the current POTUS and FLOTUS treat ...anyone.
I'm going to do something shocking here and say that in one tiny respect, I applaud Miley Cyrus: She explained that after the HUGE fuss her twerking [vulgarities] caused at last year's VMA's, she realized she had an enormous platform from which to speak/influence, and that is why she did the homeless-guy-as-date thing this year. And in fact, it brought in tons of money for homeless shelters for youths. So while I think in general, anyone is an idiot for listening to the political views of a rock star - that is, WHY does their opinion matter more than the grocer's down the street? - if one realizes that SOME idiots do do as you say, then it is a waste of influence not to use it. So for that reason, I can see why Beyoncé used her [literal] platform to push her ideas. I just wish it hadn't been COMPLETELY STUPID and non-sensical. The whole revamping of "Feminism = Being Naked Whenever You Feel Like It" is so insulting to me as a woman.
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