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I really enjoyed that, Ms. Washington. I've only had one black roommate, and I really enjoyed knowing her and learning about her life. She shared the difficulty of being a "person" in Chicago, but "not black enough" there in the South with me. It wasn't the whites who treated her badly; it was blacks. She was completely unprepared for that, being from St. Croix, where she was just a person, regardless of color. I appreciated the fact that she was very real with me, and I think she appreciated my "realness" with her. (I just thought she was a really great person!) But the key was that she wasn't "my black roommate." She was my roommate, who happened to be black. Same with my gay roommates, straight roommates, male and female, etc. No one likes being thought of the narrow label of "the white/black person," "the gay/straight person," etc. But if you label yourself that - or say that everyone else is the "not-you," then you've drawn that label for yourself, much like the author of the Salon piece seems to have done.
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Methane Deceptions

The Original Alice Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 10:00 AM
I'm a high school teacher, and I jump on every chance I get to prepare my kids for the Great Indoctrination that will come in their universities. (And I'm not a history teacher.) My fave is explaining how, yes, Hitler killed 8 million. Jews, gypsies, Poles, the "mentally deficient," etc. Stalin: 20 million - of his own people. Mao: 60-80 million - of his own people. "How come we never hear about this? How come people only talk about Hitler?!" "I don't know!" I demur. "I guess maybe it's because they think Communism will work 'if you give it a chance,' but I'm sorry - to me, they've had their chance!" Doing my part to save America ;-)
David, Many of the events you mention were indeed horrible-sounding. But for many, you are using your standards of morality, to judge God, who actually cannot sin. (And many believe that the book of Job may be simply a story and not history, as the numbers [like 7 daughters and 7 sons] are too perfect.) I can't answer all these charged in one interwebs post, but I will tell you that if you actually care and if you WANT to know how Christians answer these charges, there are a number of books that answer every one of these questions of yours. They are good questions, and there are good, satisfying answers - if you want to hear them. Christianity is not about putting your brain on a shelf and/or following a wicked or weak god. Look at everything about Jesus, and you cannot say he was a man who advised you to be stupid or horrible. Instead, God has had us do some [to us] crazy-sounding things sometimes to prepare us for mighty tasks. Some people big heavy weights, repeatedly, for no reason (to the ignorant onlooker) - except that we're training our muscles to be able lift things that actually need lifting in the future, and keeping our bodies in shape because we value that aesthetic. I hope you find the answers.
I snickered yesterday at NPR's "coverage" of the rally. They mentioned that "several world leaders were in attendance, including [X] and [Y]." NO mention of Obama's failure to attend or even to get Biden or ANYone to attend the rally. Surprise! Didn't even mention that Holder went to France - but was meeting with high level peop- wait! What? Everyone was at the meeting? Guess he was having a baguette with brie, all alone, in an empty part of the Rive Gauche. Today, of course, the lapdogs HAD to mention the snub. They wished it would go away, but even they had to cover it finally. Consistently sickening. And I listen daily, because I like knowing what the average liberal hears. And what he DOESN'T hear. I still want someone to find out what he was doing. (Any takers that it was a golf game?) Yeah, I'll keep holding my breath that we'll learn where he was during the Benghazi attack, too...
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The World's Worst Law

The Original Alice Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 4:10 PM
Am I reading the subtitle wrong? Obama?
That is extremely scary. I'm hoping that Christians in Georgia raise a bigger stink than did the LGBT's. Otherwise, it's Niemoller's"..because there was no left to speak for *me*." Because this is, in fact, the "me"!
"It must be awful having to tell your teenage son to never physically assault a police officer. I'm so lucky I'm white and have the liberty to lunge for cops' guns whenever I want." I burst out laughing at that! (Part of it was imagining Ann's lunging!) Yeah, Mr. Mayor, not well thought out.
I don't know how it will play out when a mother [of illegitimate children] fails, but I'm in the camp that believes if I have to be [continually] drug tested in order to prove that I'm worthy of earning the money that pays for your welfare, I certainly expect that you should have to prove that you are worthy to receive it.
I think it's more a factor of geography - that planes fly over water more than they fly over land in that region. They're island nations. Planes go down far from there too, but since they mostly fall on land (or in a river next to Manhattan!), we can find them. In other words, if you are flying across a continent, you are highly unlikely to ever need to actually pay attention to the pre-flight lesson on how to inflate your life vest...
But this is of course an AP Wire news story, simply published by TH - not written by AP writers. It will therefore of course reflect the AP's slant.
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