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Amen. I have several friends who are liberal and they all have these two traits. They are in denial about everything and they are nearly always patently dishonest. But you can't explain that to them. Excuses are their trade. They always want somebody else to help them and they always have excuses as to why they can't do it for themselves. It is never ending.
It pretty much sounds like we are already there. Sigh. :/
Secession can't come fast enough.
If Obama is not impeached, then the articles of impeachment mean nothing.
They cannot deny you insurance, but the cost of the insurance and the cost of the deductibles, basically prices it out of many, many people's pocketbooks. It would seem as if she is one of those people.
It is a sad, sad fact, but Obamacare will soon be killing people like this woman. How many people will die due to this law before it is repealed?
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Is Bible-themed Movie, Noah, Offensive?

Theophile Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 4:21 AM
I watched the trailer and I saw no such statement. Could you point it out to me, please?
Right, go with that. Good luck.
Right, go with that. Good luck.
My wife has lupus and epilepsy. The new bulbs are horrible for her. If there is a scratch on the bulb, they emit ultraviolet light which is bad for her lupus. When it is cold in the winter, the bulbs can flicker when turning on which can cause her an epileptic seizure. I will not risk my wife's fragile health with those things. I will not use these bulbs at any cost. This is yet another example of why the government should never limit our freedoms in a "one size fits all" approach. I have stockpiled some and I hope that they last me a decade. If they do not, then I will find a way to purchase some more of the old ones from overseas (or make them myself if I have to).
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