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So we are paying taxes to pay for Medicare and then the estates are being seized to pay for the services a second time? This sounds like double-dipping to me. Why are we paying for this stuff twice?
And this is why the GOP won't nominate another conservative ever. They simply tout this line. If we don't continue to vote for their failed, Democrat lite losers, then we are giving the election to them. No more RINOs. No more squishies. A conservative or no one.
It was started on 9/11, we are simply finally getting to the point where more people have a true idea of what is going on.
Oh, you're talking about Catholics. Christianity, or as most call it, Protestantism, doesn't have that history.
I think that he means "The fact that ICE won't take it's job seriously and deport these violent, illegal aliens is, in and of itself, a very good reason for American citizens to carry a concealed weapon". I think that he just phrased it very poorly.
Maybe God told him to go there. When God calls you, you don't serve where it is convenient or where it is patriotic or where it is safe; you serve where God sends you to serve. Jonah had to learn that lesson.
"Welcome to our progressive Utopia: Where people get sued for not lowering their expectations." This is the money quote right here. The progressives have been forcing people to do this all of their lives. It is sad and pathetic.
Amen. I have several friends who are liberal and they all have these two traits. They are in denial about everything and they are nearly always patently dishonest. But you can't explain that to them. Excuses are their trade. They always want somebody else to help them and they always have excuses as to why they can't do it for themselves. It is never ending.
It pretty much sounds like we are already there. Sigh. :/
Secession can't come fast enough.
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