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Tawdry messages? Asking an 18 year-old (male, in case we forgot) for sexually explicit pictures at the age of 52, and clearly wanting to engage sexually with him? Hi, I'm Earth, have we met?
This statement is so idiotic on so many levels. "A little heat?" Surely you must be joking. This has dominated every media outlet for 48 straight hours. There is no huge backlash here. Keep dreaming.
The 400 richest taxpayers pay taxes on income generated from money that has already been taxed, many times.
Greg, just stay in your house until the election. Don't talk to your friends and certainly don't talk with independents.
Representative Mark Foley was completely and totally unknown in 2006. After the story broke, close House races across the country widened. It does matter, you are living in a fairy tale.
Or you could pass a repeal in a budget reconciliation... you know... take a page from the passing of Obamacare.
Nope, my principles are right here; indefensible comments that put the Senate into jeopardy; yet another astounding flub 11 weeks before the election. Anyone remember this gem that was the nail in the coffin of the entire '06 election? Hint: Rep. Foley Quits in Page Scandal
Comments like these typify why this country believes all Pro-Lifers think like Akin; make sure you understand that. Nothing of what he said is defensible.
Omnomnomnom - don't feed the trolls.
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