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Do you think Zelda ever gets tired of saving the Princess?!??!?
Can't be serious, obvious troll.
So, the problem is.... your incoherent rambling lacks inspiration.
If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen bug, Mary Jo Kopechne would still be alive.
Don't worry, women's bodies have a natural defense against pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape.
1.) Last I heard. 2.) Does a bear poo in the woods? 3.) That is how it works
No, seriously. The Dark Night is the best movie I ever saw. Keith Ledger is the best joker since Jack Nicholson, and he was a golfer.
So, do you think Zelda ever gets tired of saving the Princess???
Pass-throughs only avoid taxes at one level; teh IRS always gets paid
Tawdry messages? Asking an 18 year-old (male, in case we forgot) for sexually explicit pictures at the age of 52, and clearly wanting to engage sexually with him? Hi, I'm Earth, have we met?
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