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Apparently one cannot say anything good about French police protection.
What is the point? IF Holder ignored previous subpoenas he will continue to do so... unless and until Congress has the guts to threaten him with incarceration.
The media also ridiculed Perry for discussing a Supreme Court ruling in which "eight unelected Justices" made what he thought was a bad decision, with lefties eagerly pointing out that there are nine justices on the court. But the ruling was an 8-to1 decision, which is what Perry meant. The media refused to let that fact get in the way of their criticizing him.
Waxman was silent in 2006 after the release of the film "Death of a President"—a fictional “account” of the assassination of George W. Bush.
Oh, great, now all we'll get are more movies slamming capitalism and southerners.
Are you sure you saw the same movie I saw? It ridiculed leftists far more than military intervention.
I have the DVD and plan on watching it this weekend. I may even invite the neighbors.
I think it is "fluke you!"... in "honor" of the infamous Sandra Fluke.
I think anything named after the Alamo should not be surrendering...
From The Obama Timeline: "Shakur/Chesimard is the step-aunt of hip-hop “artist” Tupac Shakur, who was gunned down in 1996. Rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, aka “Common,” has visited the White House. One of his “songs” is a tribute to Shakur/Chesimard. Black activist Cornel West and some Hollywood leftists have claimed Shakur/Chesimard is innocent."
If I see five or six black youths walking toward me I will cross the street. Blacks consider that racist. But what they fail to understand is that I would also cross the street if five or six white youths were walking toward me. It is not an issue of race; it is an issue of knowing that young men are often trouble-makers. I would not cross the street if five or six elderly black women approached me.
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