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For the record, the quote is improperly attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr.—"The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice." That statement was written in 1853 by a Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker. Obama has used the quote several times and has falsely attributed it to King. In 1850, Parker wrote, "A democracy—that is a government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people." Apparently both Obama and Lincoln like to quote others without attribution.
Whether Obama and Holder expect the U.S. Armed Forces to sit and do nothing to retaliate against ISIS while Holder waits for a CSI crew to ask the terrorists for fingerprints and DNA is not known. The situation would be laughable if the security of the American people were not at stake.
Go ahead and order your U.S. Senator business cards, Mr. Daines.
Crocker’s statement, “We don’t understand real evil… very well” may come as a shock to most Americans, who might believe that the leaders they elect and the military officers they pay are supposed to understand the evils of the nation’s enemies. If the Obama administration does not understand evil, it may not be able to stop it from expanding from the Middle East to the United States.
Yeah, a "special meeting" next month will keep Putin from invading Ukraine next week. Idiots all.
I simply cannot understand the argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent to commit murder. If getting stopped by a cop and being given a huge fine for going 100 mph in a 55 mph zone deters speeding (which it most certainly does), why would the death penalty not deter people from committing murder?
Obama did not address immigration reform because he first wanted to use his then-massive political capital to pass the Affordable Care Act—which he thought would make him a hero and boost his popularity to a level such that he could tackle amnesty and just about anything else he set his mind to. He was, of course, mistaken.
Just use wasp/hornet spray. It works very well and the stream goes a long distance. Aim for the thug's eyes, fire away, and then run. He won't catch you.
This action arguably hurts the federal government’s defense in Halbig v. Sebelius, which argues that, based on sloppily drafted language in the Affordable Care Act, taxpayer premium subsidies are available only to ObamaCare customers who enroll via state exchanges. The Obama administration argues that the intent of the law was to provide subsidies for everyone below certain income levels. But by arguing that the U.S. territories are exempt from much of ObamaCare because they are not states, the administration is making the case that where the enrollee lives is, in fact, important.
"Conservatives seek freedom to, while leftists seek freedom from." -
"But other Fed critics have yet to admit error. They cannot accept that in certain economic conditions, a bigger money supply doesn't lead to inflation, because people and banks hold on to more cash." Of course we have experienced inflation: inflation is the expansion of the money supply. No one can argue that the money supply was not dramatically increased over the last five or six years. No, we have not yet seen dramatic price increases, but price increases are NOT inflation. They are the result of inflation. We WILL see those price increases, whenever the corporations and banks start spending and lending money. We have not had the massive price increases only because the economy has been so weak for so long that no one wants to spend or lend.
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