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Those evil nuns have the audacity to serve elderly, poor non-Catholics, as well as Catholics! Their generosity apparently makes them insufficiently religious for the Obama administration. Is it January 2017 yet?
According to, "the number of full-time jobs [in June] tumbled by 523K to 118.2 million while part-time jobs soared by 799K to over 28 million!" So, it's all smoke and mirrors. Some additional people are working, but all they could get was part-time work. The economy sucks.
If we follow Schlicter's advice, I'll be dead before we see many victories. His inconsistencies are monumental. He praises Washington's men for enduring extreme hardships in the fight for liberty, yet encourages supporting weak Republicans as some kind of grand strategy. Had Washington told his men, "Aw, let's go back home where it's warm. We'll live to fight another day," we'd still be British subjects.
"in 2013 only 885,000 out of 2.65 million SSDI applications were approved.' ONLY??? We have almost one million people becoming totally and permanently disabled every year? That is ridiculous. The feds are being far too generous.
I hope Donald Trump is paying attention!
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Silencing Diversity

The Obama Timeline author Wrote: Jun 21, 2014 8:13 PM
Eric Erickson whining about diversity? Would that be the same Eric Erickson who blocks comments at from readers who dare to explain the historical definition of the term "natural born citizen?" Or the same Eric Erickson who sold his soul to the devil in order to get a few talking gigs on CNN?
The link is to a New York Post article, not the Daily News.
Duncan said, “We got [sic; we have] a dropout problem we gotta [sic; have to] deal with. We want to make sure our high school graduates aren’t having to take remedial classes, burn up Pell grants, [and] burn up student loans [by] taking non-credit bearing [sic]. And right now, roughly 40 percent of those graduates in Oklahoma are having to do that. We don’t think that’s good for those young people, their families, or for the country. …We partner with states whether they’re in Common Core or have their own high standards. But where we will challenge [the] status quo is when states dummy down standards.” Duncan should perhaps be taking a few remedial language classes, rather than criticizing Oklahoma students for needing them.
There is a difference between the terms "citizen" and "natural born citizen." Defenders of Obama, Cruz, Rubio, et al use the first term to "prove" the second term applies. That is mistaken.
Well, SCOTUS does not have the guts to address the issue. It refused to hear Kerchner v. Obama because it knew it would have had to rule against Barry Soetoro.
Your understanding of Wong Kim Ark is incorrect. The court ruled only that he was considered to be a citizen, NOT a natural born citizen.
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