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The Obama administration imposed ObamaCare on the nation, disrupted one-sixth of the private economy, added hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt, and caused insurance premiums to increase for millions of Americans—so that a mere 2.1 percent of the population could get taxpayer-subsidized insurance. Why isn't his approval rating 2.1 percent?
One more reason not to live in Delaware...
Racism? Her name is Shanesha, so she is probably a German-American named after a small town in Wisconsin!
Well, he's quite dumb, but not as dumb as Ronan Farrow-Sinatra.
Don't forget: "It was Bush's fault."
"Shanesha Taylor" says it all...
Holder will do nothing unless there is monumental pressure, and there will be none because most Americans don't even know who he is, let alone know who Lois Lerner is. All we can hope for is that the GOP wins the Senate in November. Holder and Lerner then then be hauled before even more committees - along with the IRS commissioner - and told to start talking or "We'll see you here again tomorrow."
"lightening annexation" or "lightning annexation?"
What does that even mean, "based on census data?" Did the feds simply add up and average the salaries people wrote down on their census forms? How can that be trusted? (Heck, I lie on those forms just because they are an invasion of my privacy.) Or are the stats based on nothing more than a survey?
"Crossover appeal?" Hahahahahahahahaha! It is called "Wall Street appeal," and it applies to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton
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