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“I didn’t become a Christian until …I moved to the South Side of Chicago after college.” Even if that is true, it does not answer the question, “What religion did Obama follow before he moved to Chicago?”
Regrettably for Americans, defeating radical jihadist groups does not make Carter’s top three list.
Unstated is why, if Carter was “made for this job,” he was not placed in the position sooner. Carter is Obama’s fourth Secretary of Defense in six years.
As usual, the Democrat Party is the evil party and the GOP is the stupid party.Flake is apparently too stupid to realize that if the GOP caves in and funds Obama’s scheme, there is no need for “immigration reform,” because Obama will simply do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Further, while Flake may not want to “poke a finger in Obama’s eye,” Obama has shown no reluctance to poke a finger in the eye of the American people.
Form The Complete Obama Timeline: The “problem,” of course, does not solely belong to the Iraqis and the Syrians. ISIS is spreading across several countries, and has encouraged its supporters living in Europe and the United States to attack Western targets. Obama is not concerned about the “best interests of the United States.” He is concerned with getting through the next two years without committing more than a handful of ground troops in order to keep U.S. military losses to a minimum. He is more than happy to let his Oval Office successor deal with the problem in 2017—at which point it may be far more significant. Obama wants history to show that the greatest number of U.S. casualties came before and after his tenure in the White House. He cares abut his legacy more than he cares about the safety of the nation and the world.
Although Obama states that “existing statutes” give him the authority to fight ISIS, he nevertheless asks for a new authorization. His “I have repeatedly expressed” remark is clearly meant to insult Congress, especially when his administration has repeatedly expressed its opinion that authorization was not necessary. He now wants additional Congressional approval in order to cover his backside, so that the House and the Senate can share part of the blame if American lives are lost in the fight against ISIS.
Obama eagerly assumes that white police officers are out to kill blacks, but argues that Jews are mere "random" victims of jihadists.
Obama’s statement is absurd. Radical Islam most certainly is unique to some other place: the Muslim world. Additionally, centuries have passed since the Crusades. For Obama to equate atrocities committed by Christians almost one thousand years ago with barbaric acts committed by Muslims in the 21st century is shameless. It is his way of saying, “Christians can be evil too!” But, unlike today’s radical Islamists, Christians are no longer uncivilized. Lastly, slavery was not perpetrated in the name of Christ; it was perpetrated through the power of abusive governments.
In other words, Obama defended radical Islam. Impeach the b^&$*@d before he gets us all killed.
He got elected because he is in a district full of federal parasites. No one on the dole is going to vote for their benefits to be trimmed even one dime.
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