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For the record, the head of Mossad disputes the claim made by Bloomberg View. The false claim was apparently pushed to the media by the Obama administration. Mossad states, “The Head of Mossad did not say that he opposes additional sanctions on Iran.” PJMedia.com reports, “Unnamed sources in Jerusalem told Army Radio today that the [false] statement was issued was ‘revenge’ by the Obama administration for Netanyahu’s acceptance of the invitation extended by John Boehner (R-OH) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to address a joint session of Congress without going through the executive branch.” (Obama’s action is not only childish, it may be dangerous. That he may hate Israel, Jews, and Netanyahu is no excuse for placing lives at risk with lies.)
I think the lefties need to be reminded that JFK signed the Equal Pay Act into law in 1963. For 50+ years it has been against federal law to pay someone less simply because of gender. If the lefties believe there is gender pay discrimination, they should demand that the DOL and the DOJ enforce existing laws. We do not need another law to duplicate the one passed in 1963.
"That would have the benefit of essentially cutting the cost of a four year education in half. If you can do the first two year at a community college and have them paid for then the next two years are something you can pay for and essentially your tuition costs have been cut in half." In other words, "To hell with your plans to send you son or daughter to an excellent four-year college or university. Instead, we want to tax your college savings account and force your child to attend a community college for two years. Government knows best, not parents."
For the record, if Obama's estate tax scheme were to pass, it would end up lowering real estate prices. Why? Because many heirs would not be able to keep the inherited homes, farms, or small businesses and would have to sell them in order to pay the monumental taxes. More properties on the market results in lower prices.
"Incest is relative."
"For shooters that are too young, or scared, to handle fully automatic weapons..." should read: "For shooters WHO are too young, or scared, to handle fully automatic weapons..." Why do so many people make this mistake? Use "who" when referring to people!
For the record, Indonesia has the world's largest population of Muslims - I think by a very big margin.
In addition, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell today asked a French guest, “Why is it permissible, uh, to be as provocative as these anti-Muslim cartoons were? This is a debate we’re having journalistically here in the United States as well, you know.” Mitchell has apparently never heard of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and most Americans are probably not aware of any “debate” being held “journalistically” about free speech. In fact, Americans believe they have that right. If Mitchell and her fellow journalists are advocating the curtailment of free speech rights, it is they who are being “provocative.”
In other words, “We believe in free speech but don’t actually want people to practice it if it offends Muslims, because the Obama administration is unable or unwilling to fight Islamic jihadists.”
Apparently one cannot say anything good about French police protection.
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