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Are People Really That Stupid?

The Obama Timeline author Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 3:08 PM
Obama claims he took the education loan business away from the banks so they could not profit off the students. But he charges the students 3.4 percent or more interest, while borrowing the funds from China and others at less than 2 percent interest. He expects students to reward him with their vote because he will keep their rate at 3.4 percent. He knows they are too stupid to realize that the Feds are getting 1.5 percent or more in profit from their student loans.

The mainstream media, Barack Obama, and Democrats either think people are stupid or fools. Has to be one or the other the way they talk to folks and the whoppers they tell.

Let’s begin with the AP this week whose headline; “Faith In The Economy Holds Steady”. Makes sense because faith is belief without evidence. The reason for such faith? Consumer confidence ‘only’ fell to 69.2.

Doesn’t faith in the economy imply a positive outlook? What on earth is positive about a failing grade? The AP must think we’re all idiots.

Going beyond the headlines we learn...