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Corzine. Democrat.

thenakedemperor Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 8:15 PM
Corzine: a former Goldman man who knew that the more debt he piled on the citizens of New Jersey, the more money his friends on Wall Street made.

There once was a Wall Street firm named MF Global. I'm not sure what they did to make money, but they hired a guy named Jon Corzine, a Democrat, to help them do it.

Jon Corzine had once been the head of Goldman Sachs. He was fired from his job while he was on a ski trip with his family by Hank Paulson who was also a Goldman Sachsian, and later became the Secretary of the Treasury who invented the whole TARP thing.

Don't think that Mr. Corzine and his family had to live out of an A&P grocery...