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GE's Generally Accepted Accounting Principles: Tell the IRS 1 thing and Shareholders another!
GE’s corporate tax bill: Zero! Thanks to GAAP.
Oli Garch does not understand all the complaints about large corporations that pay little or no state or federal income tax.
Companies are, by law, allowed to tell the IRS they lost money and at the same time tell investors that they made a TON of money.
Apple’s China Solution: How to pocket $400,000 off the sweat of every employee.
By manufacturing overseas, Apple doesn’t have to worry about worker safety, worker rights, pensions, healthcare, any of that waste that goes to workers and not management.
How does Apple become the most profitable company in the world? Manufacture where?they don't have to deal with any of those pesky laws that interfere with their bottom line...China!
OliGarch praises the progressive modern marvel that is Apple manufacturing.. and how they make $400,000 profit off every employee.
MF Global CEO Jon Corzine learned how to do business at Goldman Sachs.
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Corzine. Democrat.

thenakedemperor Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 8:15 PM
Corzine: a former Goldman man who knew that the more debt he piled on the citizens of New Jersey, the more money his friends on Wall Street made.
Jon Corzine: From Goldman Sachs to Governor of New Jersey to CEO of MF Global… you think he’ll go to jail?
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