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Apple's market clout likely to draw more scrutiny

thenakedemperor Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 8:32 PM
How does Apple become the most profitable company in the world? Manufacture where?they don't have to deal with any of those pesky laws that interfere with their bottom line...China!

In everything it does, from product design to business deals, Apple strives for as much control as possible.

But as the world's most valuable company sets out to define and dominate the rapidly evolving markets it created with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple is likely to face antitrust regulators who want to curb its power.

Apple's clout is coming under scrutiny as the U.S. Justice Department considers filing a lawsuit against the company and five U.S. publishers on allegations they orchestrated a price-fixing scheme on electronic books.

The involved parties are trying to avoid a high-profile court battle by negotiating a settlement, according...

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