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Don't be discouraged EagleOne, many of your fellow Americans have to deal with a gov't shoe that's firmly wedged into their backside. You did the right and proper thing in becoming a citizen and I personally welcome you as a fellow American. Hang in there, you can rise up from this. Blessings to you and yours
Your point couldn't be better stated. By the way, you are exactly correct in stating that we are at war but the real rub here is that MOST KNOW NOTHING about a satanic conspiracy to destroy the world let alone the fact that we are at war. Take a minute to read Ephesians 6:10-17
From where do you get the information that you just posted?
Don't let all of this get your blood pressure up there Big O7. I think that you're being a bit heavy handed with Mr. Giles. There will always be different means to an end. Mr. Giles makes a lot of great points and more good than any negative that I can see. Raising young children myself, I truly understand the joys and pains of what he's speaking. Frankly, the fact that anyone is trying to raise Godly children at all should be loudly applauded just on its own merit. We also need to consider perspectives. It could be that Mr. Giles' article is a response to a direct attacks on him by whom ever (my assumption). I am no apologist for Mr. Giles, I don't know him personally and we've never met but I do fully respect where he's coming from in his article. I wish blessings to you and all..
It's not about being a mouthy moron. The question is what do you stand for? An individual can deliver tyranny whith great eloquence but in the end it's still tyranny. I will agree that it's dangerous to get into a penny annie "tit for tat" with leftists, progressives and statists because this is where they operate best. The Sarah Palin's and Ted Nugent's of the world need support and guidance, not scorn. I totally support Ted Nugent's right to live the life he's living as will as Sarah Palin and others. Frankly, between Sarah Palin and President Obama, I'd take Sarah Palin and never look back, why, because her system of beliefs about America, government and what they should and shouldn't be are in line with my own and sometimes you have to stand up to it. What good is Mitch Mconnel if he won't call tyranny what it is and do everything in his power to stop it. Let's be very clear about what we're dealing with here. We have a government that is literally destroying our country before our eyes and everyone wants to pile on the tea party? People aren't perfect but we need to pay attention to what's being said and not the way it's being said.. Blessings to all
The fact of the matter here folks is that there will never be peace in the middle east until the messiah returns, so we might as well get used to it. Israel and much more is land that was promised to the jews by God himself and no mode of men will change that.
As many have articulated here in one form or another, "the brakes on the bus are useless after you've already left the cliff". Senator Mc-Lame is a disgrace and has done his part to damage to the Republican Party and our country. As unfortunate as it may be to say, it's true.
Well there's a big surprise! I even love how A&E manufactured an apology on Phil Robertson's behalf. Everyone knew that there was no way they were going to lose their cash cow. I think that the Robertsons should have left A&E on their own, right at the height of it all to teach them a valuable lesson.
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