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Americans Mostly Ignorant of Gun Laws Already On the Books

The Masked Patriot Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 5:44 AM
Actually, Serpent's point is very valid. You see, it's not really about guns but the nature of man, although the government wants you to think it's about guns. A gun is just a means. I don't believe that a person is not going to murder just because there isn't a gun handy. There's no question that some of our so called "leaders" are pissing in their pants to get guns away from the citizenry. Yes, this gun debate is very sinister and these people need to be watched very closely. And before anyone begins to think that confiscation and an out right ban on guns couldn't happen in this country, think again! Look at all the cr@p they're currently getting away with. As far as these people are concerned, constitution be d@mned!