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Obama's Hate Couture Divas

The Marathon Man Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 8:56 AM
I hope she goes to the ready-to-wear racks at the local TJ Maxx or JC Penney to pick out a dress, and publicize her shopping spree. That ought to make these idiot fashionistas squirm!!!
They'll make a difference now, inasmuch as we are adding them to the already-bloated public-sector payrolls - but hey, in the Soetoro world these are jobs, jobs, jobs!!! This of course ignores the fact that local school boards are charged with budgeting the money to hire these teachers. So, what's next? Higher property taxes for you and me! But Dear Leader has created JOBS!!! WOOT!!!
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Got Racism?

The Marathon Man Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 5:52 PM
I think that was her point, Thomas.....
Allison's DTs.....
It's the "put it out there, then retract it" era of Twitter and the 24/7 news cycle of cable news...dem politicians vomit some outrageous lie about the GOP, then either (if it's on Twitter) retract it and issue some half-baked apology to "those who were offended", send a half-wit staffer out to issue apology (non-Twitter), try to shift the burden of proof to the Republican (with MSM complicity) in an attempt to have the Republican try to prove a negative, or try to pass it off as being "taken out of context." Sickening, but the beast needs to be fed, and the dems are more-than-willing zookeepers.
Here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker and the Republican-majority legislature had enacted a voter ID requirement, which was ultimately overturned by the liberal courts, conveniently just before the recall elections. The libs will scream long and loud against any form of ID for voting, for the reasons stated by both Demetrious and by David128 as posted earlier.
Bush did what he could re voter fraud, which wasn't much because voter law is a STATE issue. Every state has its individual voter laws, and some DO require IDs. To this end, we do NOT have national elections - we have a series of 53 state / district / territorial elections with qualified presidential candidates on the ballot every four years. Even then, we do not elect the CANDIDATE, but instead we elect his slate of ELECTORS for the Electoral College, which actually elects the president in the weeks following the November general election. What we do about voter ID has to be initiated at the state level.
You can return to Earth now, Major, DwightMann.
Yep. Colorado practically BEGS Californians to move there. The University of Colorado - Boulder sets aside over 50% of its out-of-state seats in each class for Californicators wanting to skip class in droves and go ski-bumming. Unfortunately Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico are also leeching area for this vermin.
Funny then that the Freakshow was able to recruit 900,000 signatories for their little Walker recall petitions - 900,000 is far more than 23% of eligible voters in WI. Granted, the GOP only gave a half-hearted cursory glance at the signatures, but what would have turned up if each and every signature was given appropriate scrutiny? Probably the entire cast of characters at Disneyworld...times 5! long as she, among other things, uses my tax dollars to go on lavish junkets to Spain with her good buddies and oodles of Secret Service agents, she's fair game. I can't remember Laura Bush doing anything of this sort.
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