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Loitering and maneuvering into position for a mugging is not the only reason police stop and frisk. Being Black or Hispanic is the criteria for the NYPD.
I agree. Proponents of stop and frisk herald this efforts success and want us to forget the Constitutional issue. As a Conservative I won't do that. Halt stop and frisk now!
Democrats can do what ever they want without consequences becasue they have no rules. Republicans have self government, and when they fall a little short the Democrats are there to chastise them for being imperfect.
I wouldn't be surprised if Medina payed his mother's rent.
Self defense requires no warning.
I agree. More guns in more hands means less crime.
Looks like this is Travon Martin II.
First, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker attacks President Obama for going after Mitt Romney on his business record. Then when asked if Romney’s former company, Bain Capital was a bad company, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said, “No, they are not a bad company.” Now Bill Clinton says Romney’s business record is “Sterling”. Even other Democrats, while having to tow the democratic line in appearing to support him, see Obama’s rhetoric as anti-capitalist; while by their statements keep him at arms length. My question to Clinton now is, “was that sterling gold or sterling silver?”
The comments by Jehmu Green on Fox News, calling Tucker Carlson a “Bow-tying white boy” is racist and deeply offensive. Megyn Kelly did the right thing by apologizing to her viewers. Since Green is a Fox News contributor she should be fired immediately regardless of whether or not she apologizes. If anyone called her a derogatory name, I suspect she would have protests on the streets. E-mail Fox News at newsmanager@foxnews.com.
scriptures, such as Matthew 22:39 which Jesus Christ commanded, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: If we don’t hang together, we will assuredly lose in November.
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