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The GOP: Messaging or Minority Problem?

TheLibertyRepublican Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:53 PM
Here's what I have to say. There is a MASSIVE chasm between Liberalism and Conservatism--and we Conservatives tend to ignore this--ignore defining the root of our belief system. Here it is. Conservatism is grounded in realism, while Liberalism is PURE idealism--a belief that ideals can and should be universally accepted, and is, by nature, EXTREMELY naive. Conservatives deal in reality--and this is the reality: humans act in self-interest, and we are STUBBORN. We do what we think is best for ourselves, right or wrong, and refuse to change our actions. Liberalism assumes "everyone will work for the Common Good". That's the short version.
Don7992 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 6:12 AM
I would argue that liberalism is pure pragmatism--they don't care if it will work as long as they gain control and power. Don't confuse what they say and do for their useful idiots (feel-good propaganda coupled with tainted candy of every evil sort), with what they truly believe.

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--Our cover story, “Minority or Messaging Problem?,” focuses on how the GOP can better reach minority voters, specifically the black community, and how these two entities can actually help each other in the long run. Written by Stacy Washington, a conservative, African-American mother of three, it’s an excellent topic to delve into as conservatives discuss the fallout from November's elections.  Check below the magazine cover in this blogpost for an exclusive excerpt!


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