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So you are saying a lesbian is none of the above?
No, not really. FOX invites boths sides on to debate. MSNBC only invites like minded guests on to agree with them.
Wait a minute, Maddow is a she? Why does she dress and look like a guy?
The comma separates the sentence into two distinct parts. Are you saying the rights of the people should also be well regulated?
Maddow...I didn't know he was still on the air.
It is definitely a jobs program for Liberal Arts demoncrat voters but it also serves as an indoctrination program at the most impressionable ages. All socialist/progressive/communist/facist governments insisted on this very thing. Look at what the government has turned the black community into as they have been the benefactors of government largess and indoctrination. Many think Lincoln was a demoncrat. They vote lockstep as their government owners tell them.
TG you need to read the definition of a Draft Dodger. Cheney applied for and received deferments from the Selective Service Administration because he was in college, which meant he had registered for the draft. George bush was in the Air Nat'l Guard and flew fighter jets which can be pretty dangerous in of itself. Had his squadron been called to active duty he very well could have been deployed. But during that time we didn't call up the ANG because we were in a Cold War with the USSR and Russian subs in the Gulf of Mexico and their warships docked in Cuba weren't exactly rare.
Anthony Wiener is probably wishing he kept his thing in his pants too.
Gorelick and Raines then presided over Fannie Mae's buying of all of the toxic assets and leaving the American taxpayer with hundreds of billions in debt. All while making 7 and 8 digit salaries.
Cummings is the poster child for corruption stemming from too many terms as a congressman. He is a career politician of the worst kind and needs to be censored immediately. Too bad Maryland is a one party State. Cummings knows he is safe as far as being re-elected by his vastly ignorant majority of government dependent persons within his district.
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