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Anthony Wiener is probably wishing he kept his thing in his pants too.
Gorelick and Raines then presided over Fannie Mae's buying of all of the toxic assets and leaving the American taxpayer with hundreds of billions in debt. All while making 7 and 8 digit salaries.
Cummings is the poster child for corruption stemming from too many terms as a congressman. He is a career politician of the worst kind and needs to be censored immediately. Too bad Maryland is a one party State. Cummings knows he is safe as far as being re-elected by his vastly ignorant majority of government dependent persons within his district.
Also, look at who he surrounds himself with, like his czars and the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. Show me a man's friends and I'll show you the man.
Had the employer mandate kicked in as the law dictated before Obama illegally changed it and had the Individual mandate been enforced I think the margin of victory for Jolly would have been greater. Obamacare's real destructive power has yet to hit a majority in the pocketbook and the Demoncrats want to keep delaying that pain until after the 2014 national elections to keep the low info voters voting democrat and before they are educated in the school of hard knocks and realize they too have to pay more for more than they need or want.
Well too many who knew better followed PC protocol instead of what their heads were telling them. You could not have the first Black President be a one term president. America would forever be painted as racist by the liberal press. Same reason Obama knows he can skirt the law and disregard the Constitution...Short of murder, Congress will never impeach the first black president.
It was working well until LBJ needed a source of funding for his still-failing great society programs. All that money sitting there, congress not allowed to touch it just drove them crazy. So they passed a law redacting the original law to allow them to use "your" SSN funds for welfare and now all we have left is a ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff would be proud of. And who is going to fix it. The same people who broke it. Scary I tell you, just plain scary.
Yes. But the liberal mind is truly insane.
Harry Reid has called Michelle and all other Americans adversely affected by O-care liars. I just don't know who to believe. I think I'll believe Michelle and my fellow Americans. Harry has lied too often (whenever he opens his mouth) and Michelle backs her stuff up with facts and documentation.
Being at a private religious school, Prof Greenleaf, you should have read this before emailing Mike: Romans 1:22: Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools
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