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If you don't know, if you need to ask that question, then you are not ready to offer anything of value to this discussion. Go out and study a bit, keep your ignorant mouth shut, listen and learn.
70 years ago
No, you are the village idiot.
Why on earth should she be given a fresh start? What Republican has been given a fresh start in the last ten years? We know enough about her now to decide on her fitness for office. The fresh start would just be a way for her to run away from her horrendous past.
What an offensive, small minded, rotten little piece of work you are.
Yea. Islam is full of murderous thugs, always has been Reagan did not have the hind sight we have with which to identify who was going to be murdering us.
Actually you asked no such thing. You simply made half witted comments in an attempt to obfuscate and confuse. You have failed. The only confused people here are you and the lefties.
Perhaps he has, but for real horror and mendacity one sells ones soul to the Democrat party as Obama, Reid, Biden and so many others have. I sure hope you haven't sold your soul to them.
I love the sheer stupidity of left wing rationalizations.
And it will still be Bush's fault so the Democrats can do anything they want, even raise the debt three times as fast.
Yep! It's all Bush's fault. Obama did nothing! The Democrats have always been so fiscally prudent. Why under Obama the debt has only risen three times as fast as under Bush. But then, if Bush was wrong then Obama and the Democrats are three times as wrong.
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