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Unless it's Sara Palin's family, or actually any conservative's family.
You would seem to be an expert on mental deficiency.
No, their intent was clearly to be offensive. But ther war on the disabled didn't work out the way they thought it would.
You employ the studied ignorance of the mind numbed robots of the left. Not being able to see past your own ideology is a characteristic of the left. The right welcomes intelligent discourse. You need to stop the insults and start thinking.
You are lying. There is no proof of your assertions. This is why you attack rather than present your proof.
It's interesting that those on the left want to interpret the second amendment as restricted to the raising of a militia. Think about it, they say that the second amendment gives the government the right to arm it's army. Seems like a pretty absurd train of thought to me. The government can raise an army, but without the second amendment they can't give arms to that army?
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The High Cost of Liberalism

The King Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 7:41 AM
Death for others, not for them.
Tyrants are at first bullies. Any threat to them will have an outsized impact on their activities, and upon the outrage they will express at being opposed. How often will the government dispatch tanks to enforce their demands?
What is truly wrong is that the justice admits that the first and second amendments actually do invalidate the laws that his opinions supported. Apparently in his mind his opinions trump the plain meaning of the words in the constitution.
So the oObama campaign which turned into a 501 C4 is a bunch of criminals?
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