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Blinders and Buffer Zones

The King Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 5:35 AM
Yes, protesting at churches has proven so effective, especially when the church goers are praying for the protestors to come to their senses. We all know that the only true morality come from a bunch of lawyers suing for profit everybody and anybody. You employ the studied ignorance of the mind numbed robots of the left.
Georgia slightly relaxes their gun ban and they call it "gund everywhere" ? don't let the tyrants control the language.
If you don't think that is the goal of those who forced Oamacare on us you are sadly mistaken and ... unicorns are flying free amongst the blossoms of spring... and .. Neptune has aligned with Uranus...
I wonder how many crashed computers will have destroyed the requested information.
It is not McDaniel who is responsible for this infighting. It is the fault of the candidate McDaniel actually beat among Republicans, the candidate who brought in Democrats to vote in Republican primary. It is the fault of the Republican establishment. When the establishment stops vilifying the Tea Party then the Tea party can stop vilifying the establishment. It is the establishment which is comfortable with destroying the Republican party as long as they, the establishment, can keep their little sliver of power.
Indeed, you are an expert at stupidity.
With luck that will be true of you.
Once again you employ the studied ignorance of the mind numbed robots of the left.
Actually this has nothing to do with protection. This is all about miking it illegal to oppose homosexual behavior. You care nothing about freedom, you just want to be able to punish, sue, and otherwise torture those who disagree with you.
You are indeed an offensive little cretin. But then, you are a fool. That explains your ignorance and robot like left wing positions.
But you are.
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