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The Media and the Mob

The King Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:28 AM
If what Zimmerman is homicide then it was justifiable homicide. This means it was not murder. Fortunately the jury stuck to the facts and ignored the race mongering rhetoric.
Yeah, those darn Hispanics who won't tolerate English being spoken.
It is far more scientifically accurate to say that h women on the Supreme Court have a blind spot in their thinking on the Hobby Lobby decision. There was diversity of opinion among the men but the women were 100% in favor of the leftist agenda. Could we conclude from this that women are incapable of independent thought?
No, they meant o coerce the states into forming these exchanges. It's a common ploy of the federal government. They talked about it at the time. The drive to chang that sans legislation is a lie. There is an easy fix, pass a new bill. But of course that would give those who don't like the bill a say. We can't have that, especially in the age of Obama.
If they stuck to funding highways with the highway fund there would be plenty of money. Stop funding pet political projects with highway funds.
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

The King Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 5:42 AM
Nor could the two boys if they were in a drunken stupor. perhsps she raped them.
Actually we don't know how the law will work. Much of it has been suspended or modified by executive fiat. If you don't know of the many alternatives being offered you are just plain ignorant.
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Blinders and Buffer Zones

The King Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 5:35 AM
Yes, protesting at churches has proven so effective, especially when the church goers are praying for the protestors to come to their senses. We all know that the only true morality come from a bunch of lawyers suing for profit everybody and anybody. You employ the studied ignorance of the mind numbed robots of the left.
Georgia slightly relaxes their gun ban and they call it "gund everywhere" ? don't let the tyrants control the language.
If you don't think that is the goal of those who forced Oamacare on us you are sadly mistaken and ... unicorns are flying free amongst the blossoms of spring... and .. Neptune has aligned with Uranus...
I wonder how many crashed computers will have destroyed the requested information.
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