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Slick Willie? Hell, she'd perform fell...atio on a donkey and ask us to pay to clear up her mouth sores.
What a dirt...bag wh***re this POS broad is. Typical Commie useful idiot.
Ann272, always remember that nothing in this universe happens by "accident," especially great suffering inflicted on innocents by other evil human beings. However, not a single one of them think of themselves as evil, and this amorality, as it were, is infinitely more dangerous to any culture than people who sin - yet know in their hearts they have done evil. The total lack of a moral compass of a whole people is what sets these vents in motion.
Clarity, I grew up just a few miles from Mr. Kaiser - in Rhode Island in the very early fifties. As a devout Catholic, I often wondered how one man could have caused so much death and destruction and social upheaval as did Adolph Hitler. At ten years old, five years after Germany was defeated, I actually cried on many occasions looking at those concentration camp photos and piled up bodies of gassed and/or deliberately starved Jews. I vividly recall wondering how anyone could be this cruel. Six decades later, Clarity, and taking a hard look at the darkness engulfing the culture, I wonder no more. Some men and women are wonderful, but mankind taken as a whole are murderous beasts whose capacity for unspeakable evil is infinite.
Obama will lose very few cafeteria Catholics and secular Jews over this.
Marc, Villaragoasa i a womanizing Kennedy wannabee. Perfect democrat mayor - or democrat anything for that matter. If he drives a few cars off some bridges, who know how high he can climb.
American democrats are sounding more and more and more like Communists of the Stalin era. They have been out in the open acting like this for a long time now, but now they can no longer conceal even their transparent Communist lying and "hand-in-the-cookie-jar" speech mannerisms.
Has it ever occurred to you that most democrats now WANT a communist like Obama in office and knew exactly what they were getting? Never forget that the Germans only disowned Hitler after Germany lay in utter ruins.
We learned at the feet of the prog masters!
I knew Jimmy Carter, and Barry Soweto is no Jimmy Carter!
Pecos, Morgan Freeman is a sex pervert, child molester and knows about as much about science and quantum physics as my cinder block wall.
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