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Better the NRA gets those dollars than the ATF.
Then why do they not disarm the real criminals, most of them black and Mexicans, instead of trying to disarm their own law-abiding people, you self-loathing POS.
Self-loathing Weinersrein thinks gun manufacturers are stoking up fear to sell guns. Too bad they didn't do that in Germany 80 years ago - 6 million Jews might not have been slaughtered.
Heil Hitler! Now give us your guns!
Just ask those 50 innocent men women and children in Waco, Texas burned alive by the federal government. Just ask Randy Weaver's wife as she took a fatal shot n the head through a window while standing in their home holding her little infant.
Standing, they want our guns real bad because they know the UN blue helmets could not take a lollipop from a baby. If they were not afraid of dying themselves, we'd all be disarmed, in jail or maybe even worse. When Obama talked about gun clingers, he meant white folks....make absolutely no mistake about that. If it were otherwise, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles would be a models of civility and peaceful Shangri-Las. Are they? Who mostly lives in these cities and commit most of the violent crimes, with or without guns? Who is committing by far most of the violence in this country? It ain't white folks, that's for sure. Just sayin....They don't want guns - they want US!
Stay asway from ALL these "Get rich at Home" ads as they are virus pits and will make you wish you were never born after that BSOD pops up, your browser jacked or your computer put in an endless loop to buy some anti virus they gave you to begin with.
Imiss, he' giving away 85 Trojan viruses and key-loggers!
The only "crime" people are worried about is Obama's Brown shirts, otherwise known as the Black Panthers, not to mention his white house gang of assorted thugs and criminals. They're buying guns because they're afraid of our criminal and increasingly illegitimate government, that's why.
Slick Willie? Hell, she'd perform fell...atio on a donkey and ask us to pay to clear up her mouth sores.
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