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Barack Milhous Nixon

The Hermit Crab Wrote: May 13, 2013 9:35 PM
I am sick to death of Richard Nixon being the yardstick for this sort of political abuse of the IRS. Nixon was concerned that tax-free dollars may have been used to fund rioters in the streets and violence in the country. What's wrong with that? John F. Kennedy, after Richard Nixon patriotically declined to contest the 1960 photo-finish, voting headstones election of 1960, showed that legendary class by having Nixon's taxes audited in 1961, 1962, and 1963. Bill Clinton had the IRS audit not only all five of the women who accused him of misconduct (or worse), but also about 12 of the top conservative think tanks. Poor RN. He's still being kicked around - by uninformed Republicans.
Even if you put aside the leftist drivel, Piers Morgan is the worst talk show host I've ever seen. He talks over and insults the intelligence of guests he disagrees with, he is totally incapable of moderating an exchange of clashing ideas and viewpoints, and he talks too much , interrupts too often, and listens too little. I can't imagine why any thinking person would bother appearing on his show. A note to all conservative personalities -- find other places to debate liberals. Let's stop boosting Morgan's ratings and let him go the way of Olbermann like he deserves to.
One more note -- let's stop being offended on the behalf of others. If they know what was said or done and were not offended, then it's "no harm, no foul". I can't help but note a heaping helping of jealousy in the complaints of the scolds. I've been wavering between unattractive and hideous my whole life (I'm a man, by the way). I got used to it. So can you.
This is one of the reasons I love conservative women -- you can compliment their appearance (if you phrase it politely, of course) without getting insulted or arraigned before some Star Chamber kangaroo court on idiotic charges. This itself makes conservative women more attractive.
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Emancipation: January 1, 1863

The Hermit Crab Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 8:29 PM
Thank you, Mr. Blackwell, for getting the facts of history right. No matter what neo-Confederates and modern Republican-haters say today, January 1st, 1863 was a glorious day in American history, and Abraham Lincoln was indeed a great American and a great man. From that day on, every mile of Union Army progress became another mile of free soil, populated by free men and women.
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How the NRA Stole Christmas

The Hermit Crab Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 7:07 AM
Another remarkably ignorant column on the tragedy. It never seems to occur to people like this columnist that after the tragedy the proper response from everyone would have been to give the poor shocked people of Newtown a week or so to absorb their shock and loss. The fact that the NRA didn't respond like the disgusting Michael Bloomberg, who according to some reports was already trying to exploit the tragedy for the advancement of his own agenda literally before the children's bodies were removed from the school is a mark in their favor. The NRA knew they'd be blamed for the massacre -- they always are. Wayne Lapierre is right, and he's always courageous enough to speak the truth. That's one reason the ignoramus left hates him.
Rachel Marsden may know some topics, but her snide, arrogant ignorance of this topic is appalling. For example, she doesn't know that in 90% of the cases of defensive gun use, the gun isn't even fired. Sticvk to what you know, Rachel. Whatever that is.
Gee, and this just happened to occur in the city where the election officials were thrown out of the polling places election day morning? Philadelphia -- the first capital of America, and now the capital of vote fraud. Mayor Nutter knew this was coming, because the same thing -- the EXACT same thing -- happened four years ago. I guess we know where he stands on vote fraud.
I say now what I said before. If the police won't remove him then the public should -- "by whatever means necessary."
I'm glad to see the residents of Bizarro World read Town Hall. Anytime a Republican tries to cut down voter fraud in his state or in the country, THEY are accused of being fraudsters. This is a definition from the Democrats' Dictionary. Remember, they also claim that Gerge W. Bush "stole" Florida and the Presidency from Al Gore because he refused to let Gore steal it. Meanwhile, a note to Charlie Crist -- no-one cares who you endorse for President. Actually, we don't need your opinion on anything anymore. Sit down. In the back of the hall, please.
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