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The Polls That Ate the Presidential Contest

TheHeretic Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 8:58 PM
I see we have 2 new trolls: naacp_now and pryan. Or rather, old trolls with new names. Please don't respond to them; just flag them and move on.
"I don't know," a very wise and skeptical Washington political analyst confided to me on Sunday as I limned the Romney victory I foresee. "I'd like to believe it," she said, "but I have to overlook a lot. If you're right, then a whole lotta state polls have to be wrong."

Very true. But I'll climb all the way out onto a limb and assert that the state polls are wrong -- or at least misleading.

Every four years we complain that the press covers the presidential contest as a horse race. This year sets some sort of new standard....