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Let Us Embrace Our Friends

TheHeretic Wrote: May 21, 2012 12:58 AM
Yes, we armed Turkey, which has had a pro-Western and pro-American foreign policy for the last hundred years or so. So you think that was a mistake because Turkey has become increasingly anti-West for the last couple years or so. We armed Egypt, which followed a pro-American foreign policy for the last 40 years and has had a detente with Israel for the last 30 years. But you think that was a mistake because Egypt has become increasingly anti-West in the last year. We "messed with" Iran, i.e., forced the Soviets to end their occupation of Iran in 1945 and pursued an alliance with Iran for 35 years. You think that was a mistake because in 1979, anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Israel Islamists took over Iran. I disagree.

Two weeks ago, US Congressman Joe Walsh published an op-ed in the The Washington Times in which he called for the US and Israel to abandon the two-state solution.

After running through the record of Palestinian duplicity, failed governance, terrorism and bad faith, he called for Israel to apply its sovereignty to Judea and Samaria. In his words, Israel should "adopt the only solution that will bring true peace to the Middle East: a single Israeli state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is the only country in the region dedicated to peace and the only power...