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And now we know why.
What did Hunter write that was insulting to you?
From what I can see, the average politician is about as honest and sensible as the average American. If that seems like a low level, I suggest you take a good hard look at your fellow citizens. As for being obedient to We the People, most people who make that complaint mean that the politicians don't listen to ME. The politicians should listen to ME!!! And only to ME!!! Why don't those stupid politicians understand that it is all about ME?!?
What do you know about ISIS' capabilities? Do you think they have the capabilities of a JV team? Even your President has figured out that they're more dangerous than that. You are WAY behind the curve.
Do you mean you have the power to regenerate your head the same way a gecko regenerates its tail? That explains a lot.
So ISIS refers to a small Jihadist state while ISIL refers to a large Jihadist state? And you're wondering why Obama uses the term applicable to the large Jihadist state, rather than the term applicable to the small jihadist state? That's easy. It's called "wishful thinking".
Question Of The Day: if Moslems were to behead ericynot,....would that cause any harm to him? Judging from his posts, I would guess the answer to that question is "no".
Of course, he's not waging war on the Obama Administration. Why should he? Sloandog supports the Obama Administration.
In other words, VOTE AGAINST EVERY DAMN DEMOCRAT. PERIOD. I couldn't agree more.
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Pitiful Community Racism

TheHeretic Wrote: 19 hours ago (1:47 PM)
Ransom said, "Blacks did not impose slavery on themselves....White society did that. And in doing so, we interfered in the natural community that is created by families; families by the way that need to headed by a father and a mother." Let's do a timeline. Slavery was outlawed in the U. S. in 1865. The rate of illegitimacy in the black community was low until the late 1960's when it abruptly rose and has been sky-high ever since. How could that be caused by an institution that had been abolished for over a century? Furthermore the illegitimacy rate in the white community started to rise abruptly in the late 1960's. How could that have been caused by slavery? It wasn't. In both communities, it was caused by the Great Society that was implemented in the mid-1960's and the sexual revolution of the late 1960's. Not by slavery.
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