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AT 12:51 PM, KPar replied to my post by writing: "Hmmm, Anarchism or Despotism? Too bad there isn't a middle ground, huh, TheHeretic? .. you sound like a dedicated statist." In my post, I was replying to a post by Paolo3 that, in my opinion, disparaged the police. Now as for KPar's post: I KNOW there is a middle ground between Anarchism and Despotism. I know of one nation that existed in that middle ground. It is named America. I believe the police have a difficult and dangerous job and I completely support them. According to KPar, that makes me a "dedicated statist". And while there certainly IS a middle ground between Anarchism and Despotism, obviously KPar will never find it.
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President "But"...Obama

TheHeretic Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 1:19 PM
Seawolf, I agree with what you're saying. But if you tried to impeach him on those grounds, his lawyer would eat those charges for breakfast. I could and Obama's lawyers will be much better than me. Consider this: few people deserve prison more than mob bosses; and few people are less likely to GO to prison. Everybody KNOWS what they do but nobody can PROVE anything. Its the same situation with Obama.
Most (not all!) of our problems can be solved by our citizenry, acting either by themselves or through private organizations. Our Right To Bear Arms is one example among several.
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The Squabble Over Bibi's Speech

TheHeretic Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 12:43 PM
If you think Rice's comments were stupid, read what the media said. There were some talking heads who were claiming that Boehner violated the Constitution by inviting Netanyahu without Obama's permission.
And of course you libertarians want a world WITHOUT those "people who dress in slick uniforms" who "enforce that opinion with guns". Note to non-libertarians: you call those "people who dress in slick uniforms" the police. Note to libertarians: next time you're in trouble, call Paolo3.
Bulls Eye. The fact that the Left switched to using the term "climate change" proves (for those who need proof) that the Left, in spite of its so-called "scientific concensus" doesn't know anymore than anyone else what the future climates will be. So much for their predictions.
You may be right. There are some scientists who believe that the only reason we don't have an Ice Age right now is due to a lack of precipitation. According to this theory, the Earth is already cold enough for another Ice Age.
Actually its WORSE than "Galileo and the Catholic Church". The dispute between Galileo and the Church was distorted by leftists who were trying to discredit the Church.
You're partly right. It DOES have to do with control. "Climate Change" and Political Correctness are two of the instruments of gaining and keeping control.
Why does Hollywood give Islam a pass, yet constantly bash Christianity? Simple. They don't want to get their heads chopped off. When they bash Christianity, Christians do nothing. People who state unfavorable opinions about Islam are killed. Understand?
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