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An Open Letter to Ms. Hughes

TheHeretic Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 3:26 PM
The Republicans in Washington could learn quite a few lessons from Gov. Palin and her supporters. Such as: when you are the target of criticism, respond to it. Do NOT ignore it and hope it will just go it away. The Democrats accused Bush of lying about WMDs. Bush ignored it. Result: most Americans believe he lied. Obama claims that all of our economic problems were caused by Bush. Bush ignored it. Result: most Americans believe that Bush caused our economic problems. See a pattern? Bush doesn't. Thank God Palin has more sense.

Dear Ms. Hughes,

On March 25, 2013, you wrote an opinion piece in Townhall entitled: “An Open Letter to Sarah Palin,” indicating your disappointment with Governor Palin for “quickly [leaving] the building without even a second glance,” at the conclusion of her remarks at CPAC.

We are sorry you feel disappointed. Unlike 2012, where Governor Palin was the last speaker and could go into the audience after her speech, this year there were subsequent speakers waiting to address the crowd. This required a timely exit by Governor Palin so as not to disturb the schedule of...