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The Israeli rats have been claiming that Iran is nano-seconds away from developing a nuke... since the 90's. Look it up. Stop being useful idiots. Sincerely, Saddam's WMDs.
No, dummy. They served their fascistic and corporatistic government - NOT their country. Think! In other words - they were nothing more than lowly-paid mercenaries! Think!
"Incidentally, the cover up of the USS Liberty tragedy was done by Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat." ---------------------- Which only proves that both parties are owned by the zionists. Think.
"When you have ron paul up your pooper and alex jones down your throat, at what point do you signal them to switch?" ---------------------------- This is what Clownhallers consider intelligent discourse. Sad.
Death to the infidels!
Miss Bangkok, I'm not. It would make my camel jealous.
Obama wants to throw Moshe into an oven!
If Obama is reelected, I'm afraid we're all gonna end up eating falafel and hummus. Gross!
My point is, our interventionist foreign policy was a problem even back then.
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