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Obama's Rocky Mountain Low

Celebrate Homogeneity Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 12:55 PM
"My post strangely disappeared in the middle of my typing." That is because Town Hall insists on doing timed refreshes on ALL of their pages, not just the home page that will need it now and then as new articles and columns appear. Just sloppy web-authoring; nothing against you I'm sure.

Editor's Note: This column was coauthored by Bob Morrison.

You know that Gov. Romney won Wednesday night's rumble in the Rockies. That's because Al Gore was out quick blaming the president's lackluster performance on--what else?--climate change. And if you have any doubts who won, you have only to consult MSNBC's Amen Corner. Chris Matthews normally feels a tingle go up his leg when President Obama speaks. Last night, he felt something else go down his leg. Fortunately, it didn't show. But the lamentations on the left were loud. MSNBC's panel sounded like the Wailing Wall. Well, at least they got that...