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Chicago Style Intimidation

g15y Wrote: May 13, 2012 8:58 AM
PC, The only ones who will be tumbling off the cliff under the ZERO's Regime are ZERO and his thugs, and all the D-Rats that have not not got a clue. Just wait until the morning after the Nov Elections, and the Lame Stream Media and all the D-Rat Losers will be spinning all the BS as to why they lost. A lot of new jobs will be instantly created in the psychiatric field to treat all the Liberals that will come completely UNGLUED FROM REALITY. Actually most of them have already detached from reality.
The Wall Street Journal follows up on Kim Strassel's reporting, with more about the Obama campaign's efforts to intimidate Romney donors.  As the Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper reports, at least one Romney donor is paying a price after being demonized by the President's campaign -- as the Obama campaign surely intends, as part of its effort to deter other potential big Romney donors.

Will anyone in the press ask the President if he approves of these tactics?

As for the press and the...