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MLK said we should judge someone by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin. But when 75% of a particular skin color are born to unwed mothers, what does that say about the content of character of black women and the biological fathers of those children who make them and then abandon them? Stereotypes that take a tiny minority of people of a certain race, and cast their bad behavior onto the vast majority of that race that don't fit that description, is hateful. But when it describes the vast majority, it is speaking the truth. How can that be deemed hateful?
I agree. How is wearing an Obama mask at a rodeo any different than caricatures of Obama in political cartoons that plaster the newspapers, magazines, and the Internet? Diversity and Perversity, Its all about the skin. Not about the color, Only about how thin. Time for the left to grow a pair rather than mandate political castration of everyone else.
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Battle of the Sexes

the flash Wrote: Aug 14, 2013 8:09 AM
Take two leftist ideal non-for-profit hospitals, identical in every way, with each hospital having equal numbers of men and women in each job position and paying each one the exact same hourly wage. The hospital pays 100% of every employee's health insurance. Every employee gets 12 sick days a year that can be rolled over but not taken as pay unless you are sick. The hospital shares any profit with the employees as a pay raise, but also shares any losses with corresponding equal pay cuts. Now, take all the women from hospital A and switch them to hospital B, and replace all the vacant hospital A positions with the men from hospital B. The income of the two hospitals at the end a year will still be the same, but hospital A will be giving its employees a raise, and hospital B will be giving their all female staff pay cuts even though every single job position is being paid the same hourly wage. Why? Health insurance premiums at hospital B go up due to OB/GYNE benefits changes the group risk and rates. Hospital B discovers it now has twice as many women out on maternity leave and getting sick pay, which it has to cover with either overtime, expensive temp agency labor, or permanently hiring more employees, and hospital A discovers it has no one out on maternity leave and their insurance premiums have gone down.
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