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Richard Cohen Explains Conservatives

ThefingerNoz Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 7:07 PM
By the way you should read the Rational Optimist. You find an interesting history of the metrics of value, and the processes that has been driving economic development since the stone age. This progress is interrupted only by the emergence of rent seekers - one of which was in fact the government. But that is the kind of govt the US innovation modified. Now we have other rent seeking inhibiting growth and sabotaging and manipulating govt among other things.
On the last day of 2012, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen inadvertently clarified two huge matters regarding the left.

The first was the ignorance about conservatives and conservatism that permeates the left. The second was the primary reason decent people identify with the left: the effective caricaturing and demonizing of the right. Were it not for caricature and demonization, most otherwise intelligent and decent people would not be on the left.

This is what Cohen wrote in his column, "Republicans Adrift:"

"It is conservatism that is both intellectually exhausted and nearly indefensible. It is the movement of the ideologically ossified,...