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The road to hell is paved with self-interest and rationalization, The only toll you pay to get on this road is to surrender your intellect to accept meaningless statements and distortions engineered by people like prager to engage you in there effort to control, dominate, and eliminate their critics.
Were I live there are no small pests, only mountain lions and well-meaning but extremely deluded conservatives. Can't do much about them except avoid em. Good night and good luck
Your experience may be better used in some one to one situations. What do you think? .
That's great to hear. You sound like a nice man. I hope you continue to seek God. I have to say though I really do not think you are looking in the right place. This site is the home of political pornography and a place to vent some pretty ugly emotions. You really can't so much to fix that in this non-personal and anonymous fashion.
" The simplist analysis would be Yes, they are both wrong. Most arguments including these here are at best symptom bashing - not getting to the real problem and at worst, not understanding God's wisdom. Playing the label/polarization game will get you almost nowhere but taking turns blaming each other." I agree completely. Prager does not get at the real problem, in fact he manufcatures problems as a means of attacking the left, he does this for a living and he does not understand God's wisdom. And Cohen is just a jerk, kind of, but at least he does not present himself as the purveyor of God's wisdom.
I am happy for you. Interesting you should say "we need each other". But that seems in your mind to be limited to correcting each other and warning others that they are not perfect. But there is a lot more to it than that. Anyway, that is not the point. I hate to nag but is Prager off base here and it cohen
Well I am none of these, and I have no problem with you. You are annoying but also amusing, . . I have yet to hear a fault you admit to. BUt who cares about your faults. What are your insights regarding the two articles in question. Let them stand on their own. What of cohen's comments are correct and which of Prager's are correct. I suppose it is possible they are both wrong. Is that what you are saying.
Who says you are not normal? Take heat for what? You can't take heat if all you say is somethings are correct and others are not and then never say which are which -- all the while claiming to be guided by the wisdom of God and then never saying what that is.
Thats a cop out! Take a stand on the issues presented here.
That a cop out! Take a stand on the issues presented here.
Don't strain yourself patting yourself on the back.
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