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Of Course: Biden Wants Review of Gun Laws After Trayvon Shooting

theerighthstuff Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 10:30 AM
Enough of sad news. The good news is that Americans can start laughing again. The Today Show is kicking off a Comedy Week tomorrow. Sarah Palin will be co-hosting. We all needed this!
StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 10:35 AM
You'll have to tell me all about it, because I have no intention whatsoever of watching it.

I wouldn't watch the Today Show if you PAID me: having Sarah Palin on as co-host won't change that.

The only thing I watch on ANY of the Big 3 broadcasters - and have now for over 20 years - is sports events.
hiJackBailey Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 1:16 AM
Im hoping she doubles the ratings for the 1 day.

Vice President Joe Biden is blaming gun laws for the Trayvon Martin shooting, despite not knowing all the facts of the case at this point.

Mr. Biden, who was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee for eight years, said that the Martin case underscores the need to ensure public safety in accordance with current gun laws.

"The idea that there's this overwhelming additional security in the ownership and carrying concealed and deadly weapons... I think it's the premise, not the constitutional right, but the premise that it makes people safer is one that...