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"Racism" is alive and well because "government" says it is? So why doesn't government END it's racial segregation of people because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity? Look at any private employers job application and quite unbelievably, the question of "RACE" is absent. But look at anything "government" and it is probably the 3rd or 4th question on the form. ONLY government is allowed to "collect" data on race so they can use it to bludgeon people into submission based on some "racial bias" that they invent by using "race" as a criteria for writing laws, funding projects, and any other "race based initiatives" they use to get re-elected or elected. AND the Libtards are masters at using it to their favor. But do you hear the "race baiters" screaming for an end to it all? NEVER!!! It would end their "racial agenda" since there would no longer be any "statistics" to wag their fingers with. After all, to be a "color blind society", it would mean GOVERNMENT has to be "color blind" too.
Give the guy a LIFE SENTENCE, in a tiny little cell, with a mat for a bed, a diaper for his clothes, and a Quaran for his reading pleasure. Feed him just enough to keep him alive and figure out where you lost the key in about 40-50 years. PERHAPS exercise once a week if he ate all his gruel. Maybe maggot infested gruel is good enough, huh, since that is about all these Islamist's feed any American prisoner. Martyrdom is WAY TOO GOOD for this radical Islamist.
One must remember that BHO is a Statist and that means that he only knows one way for "economic solutions"- GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT in every aspect of out lives. He feels that by "protecting us", he is doing us a ":big favor" and keeping us from the costs of doing business in a FREE MARKET economy. Yea, right. But that's ok too. He just sees to it that we have all the MONEY we "need", instead of all the money we WANT!! Don't you get it yet?? It's part of the "equality" for all equation he subscribes to rather than the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL concept that Conservatives adhere to. And unless he gets his "equal turmoil for all" America, he is never going to stop. It is part of that Community Organizer mantra he has been preaching for years. And they say that Liberalism isn't a religion?? It's one for the manipulated masses and sadly, WAY too many "Conservatives" have swallowed that one too.
Good thing we convict people on what the PROSECUTION CAN PROVE and not what idiots like Lambro "believes". If Lambro had his way, we would be convicted people every single day since you would have to prove YOUR INNOCENCE rather than the Prosecution prove your guilt. In the Zimmerman case, unlike the tall tale Lambro spins, there was NO PROOF of anything other than SELF DEFENSE. PERIOD. Following vs. stalking, eh Lambro? A FAR different scenario and the ONLY one the Prosecution could prove- which is NOT against the law. Otherwise EVERY Walmart shopper would be in prison. Same Libtard bull from another wannabe SLIMY LIBERAL.
Try again. Teddy Roosevelt was a "Progressive" and Wilson DEFINITELY was. It came MUCH sooner than 1932.
Please John, DON'T expect liberals to understand this. Considering that their definition of "fairness" is that everyone enjoys "equal outcomes" and that to achieve this, you must have those "who make more, pay more" in taxes. Our tax code reflects that already in that certain "tax benefits" are extended to government approve businesses! Rather than create laws where ALL entities and individuals are treated EQUALLY, you have this Progressive model of "fairness", and some get special treatment over others. In the Liberal/Progrressive mind,, you MUST have "fairness" over anything else in taxation, regulation, and government spending. It's how they pit us against one an other in their demonization of society. To hell with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY under the law.
Don't you love it when Libtards attempt to look intelligent with their screed of "factual" diatribe that fails to understand the ONE single word that they have NO CLUE what it means: LIBERTY. But in a Libtards mind, it means something totally different that what the REAL meaning of Liberty really is. Somehow they have confused their "I can do anything I want" screed with what REAL LIBERTY is all about. Since TRUE LIBERTY has as one of it's CORE TENETS that MORALITY is involved since it also defines your interaction with others as RESPECTFUL OF THEIR LIBERTY because YOU pay the consequences of your BAD ACTIONS against others when denying LIBERTY to others. But actions without responsibility is what Libtards want, not LIBERTY with responsibility and morality that preserves it. Additionally, don;t you just LOVE the way a Libtard wants to hit you over the head with the Bible- something they have NEVER READ or LIVED, much less have the sense to use CORRECTLY ("Paul was a super gay guy"??). Now where THAT interpretation came from is beyond anyone's ability to discern- that is unless you are a super gay guy who is trying to find a "hero" and have failed miserably elsewhere and you have to find some dead guy that can't answer directly. Please, go to StinkProgress and troll around there. They have a special place just for loser idiots like you.
Yea, I guess if you are a Librul, you have to have a "messiah" to save you from your FAILED Librul policies with MORE of your failed Librul polices. Funny how all these Librul programs like S.S., Welfare, Medicare/Medicaid, Food Stamps are the drivers of Debt. Funny how "Appeasement Foreign Policy" has made America less safe. Yet, every single Librul wants MORE of the same FAILURE so they can find another Messiah to save them from their failure. It's not really incompetence John. It is another case of sticking your head up your posterior and hoping the FAILURE accidentally works. Or making Librul "thought provoking claims" like "see, it is working" when failure is abundantly around them. Perhaps if they "claimed" their failure, they could actually get on from fooling their Librul "sheeple" and start finding solutions.
Idiots is a tad to strong there John. Let's call them what they are. "Manipulated MORONS" since there are actually a great number of people who actually read this tripe and believe it without question or scrutiny. This SHOULD raise red flags in anyone's mind with any level of critical thinking skill, but to these manipulated masses, it only validates what the last "moron manipulation" piece they read had to offer. The Democrat Party is full of them. They vote.
Matthews melted down yesterday saying that Obama would have an "Askerisk" after his name and that we were ALL "racists" or something. Amazing how the Left melts down and plays the ONLY CARD they have left when they are losing. I don't think that "white guilt" is going to play so well anymore. Especially when scandal wrecks your train wreck that inevitably was going to happen.
Yea, this is just what we need- Waters on the Banking Committee and Pritzker as Commerce Secretary. Wow, now that is going to make a pair of idiots who can't even balance a checkbook in charge of our economy. Wonder how long it will take them to "nationalize" the entire Banking industry, Wall Street, and Commodities markets?
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